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Birthdate:Dec 19
Location:Seattle, Washington, United States of America
Website:Your New Best Fwiend

"How we live depends on our relationship with death: how we make music depends on our relationship to silence."

Paul Hillier, Arvo Pärt. (Oxford: University Press, 1997)

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obligatory list of bands:
the afghan whigs, aesop rock, a minor forest, laurie anderson, ...and you will know us by the trail of dead, american school of warsaw, arab strap, bathyscaphe, bauhaus, big black, black heart procession, black sabbath, blackalicious, blonde redhead, bloodhag, boston, botch, boxhead ensemble, jacques brel, james brown, the building press, the buzzcocks, cake like, neko case, caspar brotzmann massaker, kelly clarkson, clouddead, cocorosie, codeine, john coltrane, cop shoot cop, crescent, the crying shame, the cure, cursive, deep skull, dis-, do make say think, dungen, enemymine, epmd, eric b. & rakim, explosions in the sky, fcs north, fugazi, serge gainsbourg, diamanda galas, gang starr, gastr del sol, godheadsilo, godspeed you black emperor!, al green, grant green, hall & oates, charlotte hatherley, helmet, ho-ag, hood, isaac hayes, guildo horn, willie hutch, interpol, iron maiden, jandek, journey, joy division, june of 44, juno, eyvind kang, karp, r. kelly, key note speaker, kraftwerk, laddio bolocko, larval, les savy fav, jenny lewis, lightning bolt, linus of hollywood, loren mazzacane connors, manowar, the mars volta, marvin gaye, mc paul barman, milk cult, ministry, minor threat, mission of burma, mogwai, mommy & daddy, moonshake, mos def, muszikas, naked city, jim o'rourke, paris combo, arvo pärt, patio kings, pied sally, joel rl phelps, pigeonhed, pinetop seven, plexi, public enemy, quicksand, david rawlings, jonathan richman, sage, erik satie, shellac, shipping news, silkworm, six finger satellite, sigur rós, sleater-kinney, slint, soul side, regina spektor, squirrel bait, stetsasonic, sun city girls, swarming hordes, system of a down, team dresch, television, thirty ought six, tones on tail, trans am, the twilight singers, the undertones, unwound, visqueen, janet weiss, gillian welch, barry white, shannon wright, xtc, xxx maniak, zdeth, and john zorn, among others.

websites you should be aware of:

Key Note Speaker
Key Note Speaker website | Key Note Speaker's MySpace page

American School of Warsaw
American School of Warsaw website | ASOW's MySpace page

other stuff
My favorite band of all time | | The Trading Musician | Al's Guitarville | | Than Bros! | LogoServer | stuff you should know | helps in a bind | errythang

I [barely] moderate the guitargeek community.

email: bigraoul at live journal dot com

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Dislikes:61:working for the man, assclowns, asshats, black olives, blind extremism, bling, chatty cathys, cmt, cocaine, commercial radio, crass consumerism, drugs that aren't alcohol or nicotine, false metal, fashion trends, fish cakes, fox news, frat boys, fundamentalist evangelicals, gaucho pants, george bush, good charlotte, hipsters, honkies, hot topic, house, incorrect punctuation, jiggy hip-hop, lack of common sense, listening to people complain, losing, malls, mtv, my ex-girlfriend, nü-metal, open-mouthed chewers, people in general, pop punk, puking, reality shows, red states, rednecks, republicans, rush limbaugh, solid state amplifiers, spelling errors, stupid people, sucker fools, suvs, techno, the 80s, the internet, the suburbs, toby keith, uggs, wankery, whiners, white belts, white people, white sneakers, work

Interests (150):

10-key proficiency, 1960s shirley maclaine, absurdity, actively hating teh int0rn3ts, adidas, affecting bad austrian accents, afro-asiatica, anti-aol, anti-racism, atlases, autodidacts, ballard, baseball, bass guitar, bbc world service, beatboxing in the shower, bicipital tendonitis, big butts, blaxploitation, bombing the cha-cha lounge, cascadia, catching wreck, central asia, chai, chugga chugga, closet goths, courvoisier, credit card fraud, crossword puzzles, death disco, deflating indie snobs' egos, deutsch, diasporas, doin' it, doing drawrings, drums and strings, ear-splitting feedback, economy of speech, edward gorey, ethnology, evil pits of lions, eyeglasses, farmhouses, flying v's, football, franz kafka, frelard, french pop, friendly elitism, fuckin' unicorns, german, getting the glit boy, glasgow celtic, graf, guitar amplifiers, guitars tuned in 5ths, gute zeiten!, happy endings, hating belle & sebastian, hattie's hat, henry darger, hieronymus bosch, hip-hop between 1988-1992, hot nerds, illin', india, indo-europeans, industrial areas, intimidation for personal gain, intp, iran, irish whiskey, kate winslet, killing whitey, krauts, language, librarians, lo-carb monster energy drink, lynching toby keith, mëtäl, maakies, making emo kids cry, making fuck, making fun of hipsters, malcolm x, mark ryden, mashed potatoes, micks, miller high life, minorities, misanthropy, mixtapes, morphology, music as a weapon, my debauched rockstar lifestyle, nihilesthetics, nipple rings, noisemaking, non sequitir, non-republicans, non-sheep, normans, nouveau zombie flicks, npr, obscure peoples, oirish, olifactory memories, paddies, persia, pho, piano rock, practicality, quiet, race issues, races of man, recovering catholics, religion, research, rugged individualism, sarah polley, seattle, semites, sex toys, shooting the gift, short-scale basses, shredding, sloppy html, snickering at larpers, snowstorms, solitude, spelling, sriracha, strummin' the geetar, supreme mathematics, sushi, syncretic music, taigs vs. prods, telecasters, th'old bad juju lounge, the apocalypse, the boondocks, the far side, thumpin' the bull fiddle, tocharians, umlauts, vikings, wholesale destruction of mankind, yerba mate, young curmudgeonism, zoroastrians
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