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ya know, i heard helicopters flying around a little while ago...I turn on the news and find out that there was a bank robbery and the cops are looking for him about four blocks away from my place.

Again, I love living downtown.
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Well, ok, so maybe it wasn't a long walk, but I did get to see parts of my 'hood that I'd never seen before. I explored the better part of Howltown and Cascade, and a bit of the east side of South Lake Union. There are a ton of hidden little theatres and artist spaces around there. That's where they all hide, methinks. I also finally got to see the Greek Orthodox church off of Eastlake up close. There's a p-patch within a block or two from there - who knew?

I can feel the muscles in my legs twitching. I am now officially in need of a shower.


Feb. 9th, 2002 11:38 am
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Jasus mick, Ed Hume is still on the air!

Tought the man was dead.

Well, my apartment is still intact. No fires, real or otherwise. I swear, when that alarm went off, I about had a heart attack. I jumped up, got on some clothes and shoes, called 911, and ran upstairs to see if doors needed knocking on.

None did. The fire trucks came a few minutes later, and the fire men got out, looked around for a little while, and then came back outside and said "Go to bed, folks".

I noticed that only 5 or 6 other people came outside. There are 50 units, and many are occupied by more than one person. They must have slept right through it. I probably would have too had I gone to bed any earlier.

Bwah. I'll take out my annoyance at band practice today.
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There's nothing I like better
than getting into bed
(when I'm already up waaaay past my bedtime)
and then hearing a fucking fire alarm go off
and then having to evacuate
and then having it be a false alarm
(which, as far as alarms go, is still better than a true alarm)

I hope the jackass
that caused this
doesn't sleep well.
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Anyone know anything about refrigerator repair? Mine seems to want to keep everything right below room temperature. The freezer is ok.

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I find it disturbing that a woman was murdered within spitting distance from my home, probably less than 3 hours ago. I can see Freeway Park from my place. I used to work right next door. Fuuuuuuck...
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Last night was full of fitful sleep and vivid dreams. This morning was full of water.

Let me explain.

I arose at around 10:00 this morning. I walked into the bathroom and noticed that the floor was all wet. My first thought was that the toilet had overflowed or that the sink had sprung a leak. I flipped on the lightswitch, and the light was brownish-red. This struck me as odd, being accustomed to yellow-white light from this fixture. I reached up to begin unscrewing the glass half-globe that covers the lightbulbs, and was rewarded with a stream of brown water on the forehead. I went and fetched the building manager, who explained to me what had happened:

Yesterday, there had been some work done on the pipes in one unit. The plumbers apparently had misinstalled a rubber ring somewhere. When the tenant who had requested the work done went to fill his bath this morning, the water went all over his apartment, the one next to him, and the one under him.

The one under him is me.

We got the glass light cover off and it was full of liquid (at least now I know lightbulbs will still work when fully immersed in water). When I went out to the kitchen to get a pot to catch the drips still coming from my ceiling, I noticed a huge bulge in the paint on the kitchen wall. It was about two feet long, and was the shape the state of Kentucky if you turned it upside down. We took a knife and pierced it and drained the water out of it.

That done, I decided that I still had enough time to take a shower before I had to leave to go record some songs.

Too bad there wasn't any fucking hot water.

More about the recording session later.

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