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“Barack and Hillary have made their intentions clear regarding Iraq and the war on terror. They would retreat and declare defeat,” said Romney.

Just to verify: Mitt Romney's statement implies that there are still people who think Iraq had something to do with 9/11.

Not too far a stretch coming from a guy who got 'Obama' and 'Osama' confused.

I saw a man-on-the-street interview on one of the networks' evening news programs right before the South Carolina primary. The man expressed some concern because Obama and Osama sound alike.

To this man, and others like him who get these two unrelated people confused, I say this: figure it out and don't be a fucking imbecile.

Oh yeah:

May. 21st, 2006 12:52 pm
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God told Pat Robertson that the Pacific Northwest is gonna get whacked by a tsunami.

It must be because we're all God-hatin', homosex-havin', polar fleece-wearin', biodiesel car-drivin', latte-drinkin' pinko Commies.

Yeah, that must be it.
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I've been following the news coverage of the crash that killed Silkworm's drummer. The situation just gets more and more insane.

The woman who hit the car he was is in had apparently gotten in a fight with her mom, and that upset her to the point that she wanted to take her own life. So she rammed her car into another at 70 MPH. I mean, shit - if you want to kill yourself, there are lots of ways of doing it that don't involve other people. Who the fuck rams their car into other people? Ram it into a wall! A fucking telephone pole! Run it off a cliff! How fucking selfish. Suicide is by its very nature a selfish act, but taking people with you? It's beyond heinous.

A real person, with real problems, sure. But she's also a 23-year-old model. (Yes, that's her.)

I want to be fair and unassuming, but man - my gut reaction is "what the fuck!" I don't believe that any individual human life is worth more or less than any other, but at the same time, it's offensive to my sensibilities that some model's rash actions caused the deaths of three artists, and by all accounts, generous, warm, and loving individuals.

I have to look past what people do and instead look at what people are. It shouldn't make any difference if it had been a doctor or a priest or a garbage man or another musician. But holy shit. I hope she gets what's coming. I'm ardently anti-capital punishment. And a true punishment for this person, who was trying to take her own life, would be for her to spend the rest of her days alive and locked up.

I've spent a good amount of the weekend listening to all my Silkworm records (not that that's much different from any other time) and going through old copies of The Rocket (I have a shitton of them, mostly from 1993-1995) looking for articles about them. Of course, the drummer always gets short shrift, but when Michael is mentioned, it's always positive.

video available here.
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There's nothing I like better
than getting into bed
(when I'm already up waaaay past my bedtime)
and then hearing a fucking fire alarm go off
and then having to evacuate
and then having it be a false alarm
(which, as far as alarms go, is still better than a true alarm)

I hope the jackass
that caused this
doesn't sleep well.
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Gene Simmons' current media assault needs to come to an end.

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