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I've pretty much lost track of time. I know I have to be at a college radio station in San Marcos at 8:30 AM tomorrow morning to do an interview, and then play a show at said college, and then high tail it back to Austin, get packed, and go home.

My throat is sore, and I've developed a hacking cough in the last 15 minutes or so. I think that that's my body's way of saying "You need more sleep and to not survive on alcohol and tacos."

I've seen many, many bands in the last few days.
My flickr page has (shitty cellphone) pictures of most of the acts I saw. Ran into lots and lots of people there, most of whom were cool, some of whom were not. Met some new pals too. More deets when I'm home and not brain dead.
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I'm running on little sleep and lots of beer. S'alright - you sweat it out as soon as you drink it.

I went in search of pants yesterday. The Salvation Army on S. Lamar (ATX's very own Lake City Way) seems to not stock any pants in anything closse to my size (meaning not fat). I will try again today or tomorrow. Ate tasty vegan breakfast tacos and Kobe beef sliders and lots and lots of Lone Star.

A lot of the day was spent walking around and missing connections with other people, which became annoying very quickly. I managed to see Eugene Mirman & Mike Birbiglia, The Upsidedowns (awesome), part of Jens Lekman (zzzzz, except for one song), J. Tillman, some postpunk band from Ireland, and a death metal band who's name escapes me as well.

Kate and Tom and I waited in line for 90 minutes to get into the Austin Music Hall in hopes of seeing My Morning Jacket, but we realized that we were going to have to sit through four hours worth of openers and set changes. We bailed.

Need breakfast (tacos).
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I'm sunburnt, dehydrated, and mostly deaf (forgot my earplugs), but having a hell of a time. We played at some shit-ass frat boy bar that they converted into a venue for the festival. There was a video loop of people surfing and  doing 'extreme' sports being projected on the wall right next to me the whole time. We played well. all things considered (first act of the night, borrowed equipment, bad sound mix, nerves in general). There were lots of people there, from what I could tell.

I've seen some good acts tonight - Saint Bernadette, Graveyard, the Ting Tings (who took waaaaay too long to set up), and The Sword performing Faith No More's The Real Thing in its entirety. And I got to meet Nic Harcourt. Briefly.

Shit - I've got a full week of this to do. Zoinks.
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There's no way I'm making it to all of these: )

So I'd be going from Ice Cube straight to Dave Bazan, and Billy Bragg straight to High On Fire. Jarring.


Feb. 7th, 2008 01:27 pm
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Fucking Ice Cube is playing South by Southwest this year.

Nada Surf
Ian McLagan
Shelby Lynne
Naked Raygun
The Raveonettes
Was (Not Was) (!)

And probably a lot more that I missed cuz the list is like 18 fucking miles long.

Full list here.

EDIT: A list of number of bands per city. Seattle comes in at #10 out of something like 225 cities around the world. Talk about sending delegates...

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