Nov. 5th, 2008 03:40 pm
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Last night was awesome, amazing, wonderful, great...I'm not sure if it's totally hit me yet. (I tend to have a delayed, if any, reaction to a lot of things.) Cait and I went to the VFW hall so I could vote, and then hit the liquor store for supplies. We started watching the results come in at my house, and then moved to her place for a bit. We got caught in a hailstorm of Biblical proportions in between. I thought a funnel cloud was going to descend on Ballard. Anyhow, we eventually ended up at Hazlewood, where they had a couple of TVs set up, and were giving out pizza from Snoose Junction next door. The place was full of revellers from the hood - the Fiore kids, 3/4ths of the Cops, Ben Shepherd (first time I'd seen that dude in forevers), Matt Harvey, and one McCain supporter. Poor sonofabitch.

We got there right as Ohio was called for Obama. And it just kept getting better. They turned the sound off for a bit before the West Coast polls closed and put on some Stevie Wonder. As people were dancing and drinking and chatting, I turned and looked at one of the TVs, which displayed a graphic showing that the election had been called for Obama. All I could do was point and started shouting "Look look look look!" The sound came back on, and the place went apeshit.

Sadly, there was no dancing in the street, but we had dancing on the sidewalk covered.

I, for the first time in a long time, am hopeful for this country.
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Anyone doing the Ballard Party tomorrow?

Who wants to see Common Market at 7:00 AM (?!?) at Cupcake Royale? (Not me. Not at 7:00 anyway.)

Actually, I'm not wild about too many of the bands playing except for Shim and the Maldives, who are playing at the same time. Are Arthur & Yu good? Cloud Cult?

I like the whole Block Party model, but they really should take after SXSW and get some corporate sponsors to give away free booze.
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I came into Fiore to get some goddamned coffee and check my goddamned email, and they're blasting some goddamned Christian rock.  At least it sounded like Christian rock.  It was all like "I look to the sky, and I know You'll be there" or some shit.

Well, now they've skipped over Elton John and Billy Joel (both acceptible) for something vaguely R&B sounding.

This is, of course, the one time I forget to bring my headphones.


(edit: aah! They're at it again! I wish Jesus would step in and help the faithful write less shitty music.)
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Yesterday pretty much sucked until I got to McLeod, even though I got there too late to see everything.  Saw hella peeps there.  Found more ways how this world/state/city is too small. 

Upon reentering Ballard, I ran into Tim Seely + entourage, wherupon a whole mess of peoples went to his house and drank whatever we could muster and ate delicious party pizzas.

Man, I could really go for a burger right now.
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FYI: The Ruby Doe are the sheeze.

Davey & I went and saw them at the Sunset on Saturday. Totally freaking awesome. The opening band, Hell Promise, was pretty awesome too. Straight up metal. The headliners, The Spits, were, Ramones-y, but with keyboards. There was a full-on, beer-spitting, cup-throwing mosh pit happening during their set. At the Sunset. Blah. I though moshing was cool - when I was 15. Being that everyone in the venue had to have been at least 21, I thought they'd be over that shit by now. Whatever. It was still a fun show.

Also: American School of Warsaw still needs a permanent bass player. If anyone knows anybody in the greater Seattle/north King County/south-central Snohomish county area who can play, let us know. We have shows, we have recordings, and we're all nice guys. Please help!

Ballard ho!

Mar. 5th, 2002 02:19 am
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I have just returned from adventuring in deepest darkest Ballard with Chris. First, we hit Hattie's Hat, looking for Diarmuid, who we surprisingly found, although not in the manner we expected. Then we bounced around various places on Old Ballard Ave. till we landed at the Lock & Keel, where we were subjected to all sorts of bullshit on the jukebox, courtesy of the drunken sorority sisters who were deeply involved in a game of Golden Tee with their male suitors.

Making tea and readying myself for the day ahead.

I'm going to rule the world. Just you watch.
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I'm only going to give an abbreviated account of tonights events cuz I'm too fuckin' tired to do it an a more ornate fasion. My night went as such: Went to the Garage & played pool woth Damon. Micheline & Emily #1 showed up. We stuck around there for awhile, and then went and dropped Damon off at work. The three of us then went to the Lock & Keel in Ballard...oh, how fucking exciting that was. Micheline was supposed to be meeting some of her peeps there, so we had to stick around (Emily & I had knocked around the idea of going somewhere else). Her friends showed up at about midnight, and by that point Emily was about to fall asleep. So we (Em & I) split. I accompanied her on her cab ride home back to Micheline's place. We said our goodbyes and I left. Now, I was trying to be thrifty when I decided not to stay in the cab and take it back downtown - I figured that I could hop on a bus.


It didn't occur to me that buses don't run in the deepest, darkest jungles of Ballard at 1 AM on Saturday nights. So I walked. And walked. And walked. 20 blocks, I think. I ended up calling a cab anyway.

$18.00 later, I'm at home.


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