Aug. 4th, 2007 10:08 am
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Soooo tired.  But who needs sleep when you're having fun, right?  Plus the Spinners are playing overhead ("Could It Be I'm Falling In Love"), and that sho nuff takes the edge off.

The Rock Lottery party was a blast, but the turnout by the actual participants could have been stronger.  No matter.  Lots of good times, lots of wigs, lots of confusing the shit out of a bunch of squares at the Croc (whassup All-Over-Print-Spider-Man-Button-Down-Shirt Dude?  Never seen a man in a wig before?).  [personal profile] lele and I dancing to Jennifer Gentle, despite their music not being terribly dancible (it reminded me of old Pink Floyd, but with an evil troll handling lead vox).  Giving Tucker and Joanna and Tom and Chris and Angela and Emily a tour of the Residence.  Jetpack tattooing me, and then me tattooing me, then me tattooing [profile] ingotattoo

Little sleep afterward, but lovely nonetheless.  Nope.  Don't mind one bit.
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Zoinks. What a rollicking good night. Went over to Bryan's place of residence, in this lovely old building right behind Crack Park in Belltown. Most of the residents of the building, and their hangers-on, were congregated on the back patio. I stuck to myself for the first part of the soiree...I wasn't in life-of-the-party mode tonight. It was, however, totally fucking spectacular watching the sky fade from light blue to a dark azure as the hours and minutes passed. It was an absolutely gorgeous night. Warm, clear, a little breezy...this is what us Seattleites live for through the nine months of rain that occur most years. Wow. 86 freaking degrees today. Fan-fucking-tastic.

Anyway, back to the party: one of the other residents of the building (Brian, I believe) had been Airporting music from the Speakeasy offices to his laptop on the patio. We got our fill of Dr. Dre's The Chronic and some surf music. (There was a little Guns & Roses interlude there for a bit too.) Then he busted out a DVD of Akira Kurasowa's Sanjuro (sp?). Nothing like a little subtitled 1960s Japanese samurai epic on the back porch of a former brothel to liven up a night. Actually, the movie was quite good.

After the flick had concluded, I joined the rest of the remaining revelers, which included several Speakeasy employees and fellow LJers...I'd link 'em all, but I won't cuz I can't remember who's how and what's where. Deal with it.

But now I'm home. There's nothing like a brisk walk through Belltown at 1:00 AM to keep yr wits sharp. I gave some cat $5.00 so he could get him & his wife and kid home. His car had apparently broken down on I-5 and he needed cab fare. Even if his story was complete and utter bullshit, which it very possibly may have been, it was at least better than most sob stories i hear from folks asking me for money - if they have a story at all.


I showed up at work half an hour late today. I have a feeling that it will be a similar situation on Wednesday as well. God I miss being able to hang out until 4 or 5 every morning, and still being able to get to work on time. But I also really like getting off of work at 5:00 every day.


Going to bed.



Nov. 17th, 2000 08:44 am
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Lawdy lawdy lawdy I had an intrestin' night last night. Went to the Garage (the pool hall partially owned by several veterans of the Grunge Wars of '91) for Damon's 25th birthday party. Saw several people that I haven't seen in a long time. Very cool. However, I had to cut out early because I had to go meet Anna 'cuz the only clean clothes I have are at her house. So I go meet up with her, and she wanted to keep her date with the Cyclops (we go there every Thursday), so I relented. (I said hi to Bryan at about this time.)

So, we get there and sit at the bar. This woman comes and sits down next to me. She asked for a cigarette, so on and so forth. We get to talking, and it turns out she is the aunt of the drummer in my old band. This blew her away that we could both know the same 6'3" 260 lb. Tongan-American who played drums. She then started referring to me as her nephew (in a good way, not a delusional way), hugging me and Anna, and buying us drinks. I got quite drunk. While all this family bonding was going on, Anna got to talking to a girl named Vickie, who was in Seattle from Dublin on business. Vickie was 27 but didn't have her passport, so she couldn't get served. She was really nice.

By this point, I was about to fall asleep at the bar. Tanya (the bartender) got me some bread and hummus. That helped a little. Went to Anna's, finally, and passed the fuck out. Up at 6:30 this morning, hating life. Felt (still do, sorta) feel like ass. Drinking Gatorade.

Thank [insert deity of choice here] it's Friday.

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