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You know what I did to kick off Health Month? I drank a pint of Newcastle, a pint of Bushmills, a vodka or two, smoked a bunch of cigarettes, and ate the fuck out of a plate of homemade enchiladas. While that was going on, I played several rounds of Uno with friends and listened to a lot of awesome records.

Likely I will be run over by a bus tomorrow, or I will die slowly of emphysema but still hang on till I'm 95, attaining my lifelong goal of being a grumpy, cantankerous old man and dying miserably, much like my forebears.

I salute those of you who have the wherewithal to deny yourselves all the shit you'd rather be doing for a month; I don't have the stones (or attention span) for that. But as someone who has been staring down the proverbial barrel since time immemorial, I gotta say, goddamn those enchiladas were good.  
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My head is full of Pixies songs.  Last night we worked on "Hang Wire", "Tame", and "Where Is My Mind?", which I'll be playing guitar on.  Chris gets stuck doing the keyboard-bass thing.  Then we finally decided on a track order and a name for the CD, which will be revealed at a later date.

Afterward, 3/4 of the band stopped for pints at Conor Byrne's.  Ran into Jen and Tomo there; they played, but we missed it.  Jen's blonde now, which conceptually is weird, but looks ok.  Strangely, the background music consisted of The Pixies, Tom Waits, and the Postal Service.  
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Friday: dinner and drinks with [livejournal.com profile] beddove, later to be joined by the inimitable [livejournal.com profile] beatnikside and [livejournal.com profile] bohunk (and the friend who's name I've forgotten again, dammit) at the People's Pub. I deemed it to be Chemistry Set night at the People's, which called for drink experiments (i.e. Grasshoppers, Redheaded Sluts, and chilled Tuaca). Shit dog, I'm a whiskey drinker , so don't talk to me about pansy cocktails.

Saturday: Swung by Hazelwood and chatted with Drew, Keith, and Cody for a bit. Wended my way down the Ave (Ballard Ave, that is) to Hattie's, where I got into a conversation with a random guy about language families and German grammar. Later Dan Cowan insisted I see Freakwater at the Tractor, and who was I to say no? Got in for free, and got a free beer out of it. Can't say that I actually cared for Freakwater that much, but I also wasn't much in the mood for that high lonesome sound. The band itself was quite good.

Sunday: overslept, and then worked for 10 hours.
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Gave the finger to work yesterday. It snows like this once every six to eight years, so I was gonna enjoy it. The weather seemed to create a party atmosphere in the streets. There were about 100 people at the corner of Bellevue and Denny sledding down the hill, and a resident of a nearby apartment building put big speakers in his windows and blasted Bob Marley into the air above the crowd.

Elizabeth and I ended up going and seeing Lord of the Rings III at the Cinerama. I liked it, but was distracted by the schizophrenic drunk behind us who kept muttering to himself, hocking loogeys, and kicking the back of my seat. The manager came in and told him to cool it a bunch of times, but it wasn't until the last 15 minutes or so of the film that he actually told him to leave. I think the manager was scared of the guy. I suppose that if I was only getting paid $7.50 an hour, I wouldn't try too hard either.

After the movie we walked up to Bill's for dinner. There was a table of four - two men, two women - sitting next to us. I'm fairly certain they had been there drinking all afternoon. The one they called Molly at one point began channeling Jennifer Beals, and was Flashdance-ing in her chair, on the table, and on her friends. Then she moved into a little bumpin' & grinding with one of the fellows, and then pulling up her shirt and showing the restaurant her tits. Put those guns (pea shooters, actually) away! They left to go to another bar, apparently.

The weather today suxxxs. And no drunks either. But yesterday...yesterday was magic.
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Made the röck with the band yesterday. Dave and I debuted one new song a piece. Dave's new song sounds sorta like something I would write. Maybe that's why I like it.

From there it was off to the Stanwood Hotel (2nd weekend in a row!) for some rockabillyness and whatnot. The first band (The Haymakers) were quite entertaining, and whipped out a cover of MDC's "Chicken Squawk". Next was The All American Playboys. They looked sharp in their little suits, but when you do a Sonics cover, and then all of your original songs sound like Sonics covers, then no get up can save you. We skipped the third band.

I abstained from the usual 40 of Pabst as my stomach was doing backflips (thanks BK Chicken Sandwich). After a brief pit stop at the grocery store, we went back to the Bryant Compound where more beer was drunk, dogs were played with, and fun was had by all. And the cats tried to kill me with their histamine-attack-inducing fur. Gah.

Home now, safe and sound. Itchy though.
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Resigned myself to sleeping in when I went to bed last night. Too bad I was up after 5.5 hours. Got domestic on my apartment's ass, and then went and ran some errands. Went to Belltown to find food, leading me to Sit & Spin, where, in a weird replay of last night, I ran into [livejournal.com profile] huntingtonforge. We sat and chatted fer a bit, and then I took my loser ass to see Lord Of The Rings (no, I hadn't seen it yet). I think I might have to go read the books now. I tried to find them at Twice Sold Tales, but no dice. Came away with The Agricola and The Germania by Tacitus instead. A short jaunt down Broadway landed me at QFC for some extra h0tt XXX gr0c3ry shopping. Got about half done - will get all the produce at Pike Place in the morning.

Is it just me, or are the most interesting parts of Olympic events the crashes?
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1) I'm jealous of everyone who doesn't live downtown, because chances are you're getting snow, and all I'm getting is cold, cold rain.

2) Bailey's makes even decaf instant coffee drinkable.
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Dear LiveJournal,

I've been neglecting you lately. I've just been busy recently.

Tonight. Bryan's going away party at the Nightlight. Mostly Speakeasy people, many of whom I have met before but remember not their names or LJ userIDs. ya see, the Nightlight is one of Seattle's few remaining dive bars, and tonight, the crowd in attendance took full advantage of that. The booze flowed freely, as did the love - [livejournal.com profile] huntingtonforge and I stood and watched contentedly from the sidelines. Mr. Huntingtonforge (who I finally met for real tonight after a year and a half of LJing, AIMing, and near missing) stood and talked for most of the night, as we were not part of the swarming SPKZ hordes.
At one point I was accosted by this gnarly Bremelo-looking woman named Brandi (I can only assume that it's spelled with an i) who A) told me that she thought I was a shy guy, B) that she was an art-critic-in-training, and C) that she would make me famous. Now, understand, I'm not used to strange people approaching me in bars. I am even less used to messing with said strangers' minds. Within about a second and a half of her talking at me, I determined that "Brandi", in her Long Island Iced Tea induced innebriation, was in need of some messing with. She mentioned being friends with famous people no less than four times - when I called her on this, she claimed to have only said it once, and that famous people didn't matter. She also failed to tell me which famous people she was friends with. She eventually wilted under my grilling and was rescued by a more-sober friend. Good riddance.

I said my goodbyes to Scott and Bryan, and now I'm here, warm, dry, at home, and in good spirits.

More about my day later.
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Went and kizicked it with Bryan and Chris at Linda's tonight. This cat Vincent showed up, accompanied by a bunch of other folks...we figured that we knew eachother from somewhere, but we didn't pin down exactly where. Much drinking was done. Eventually a bunch of people split, only to return (with the infamous Wyoming in tow). Then it was off to the Cha-Cha fucking Lounge for more hijinks and hi-larity. From there, Vincent, Emily (yep, another one), Matt (?), and I hit the Baaaad JuJu Lounge for drinks and butt rock, and then to their crib, where we watched some South Park and a Gallagher special involving - what else - the wanton murder of innocent watermelons.

On the walk home from the CD (I think that's where I was), I stopped and looked at the city. It's beautiful right now - downtown is all socked in with fog. Spec-fuckin-tacular.

Must go to bed.
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And it's name is Pancho Villa.

Yes, as in Pancho Villa brand tequila.

Now, normally I wouldn't touch the shiz with a long stick, much less put it to my lips. But last night I asked Suzette to make me a drink with creme de cassis in it. What I got was a Diablo - cassis, lime juice, tequila, and ginger ale. And you know what? It actually tasted pretty good. So I had a few of them.

*note to self: never again will you commit such a transgression against yourself. Dummy.

Well, at least last night I had an excuse. I was trying to talk a friend out of doing something really, really stupid - even more stupid than me drinking cheap tequila. Nothing life threatening - at least not in and of itself - but really rash and not very well thought out. Regardless of what I was telling him about mistakes I'd made and dumb shit I'd done because of other people, he had it made up in his mind what he was going to do. He would have felt like an ass if he had actually gone through with it. He emailed me this morning to let me know he was ok and didn't do what he said he was gonna do.


I'm at work now, chillin' with my big ass bottle of Glacier Freeze flavored Gatorade. I've been here for 45 minutes and have done exactly zip. 'Spose I should do something, eh?
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Saturday: A I posted before, i woke up at the ungodly (for a Saturday) hour of 7:45. Went and had breakfast, surfdeded the net at Aurafice, walked up to Broadway, went back home, and much later, went to the Other Ed's home for his party/moving sale. I came away with a little wooden drum, a caller ID box, and a tape recorder. I should have gotten there earlier - he had a sampler for $35.00 and a baby Casio keyboard for $5.00. And an Elvis magnet. Damn. Anyway, a fun time was had by all in attendance (I assume), and much booze was consumed. Everyone had left by about 2 AM, 'cept for moi, as Ed & I were having a fantastic conversation about music, women, New York, and......ZZZZzzzzzZZZzzz

That's about when I fell dead asleep.

Sunday:Woke up in the morning with a stiff back and a blanket over me. My shoes were still on. Ooops. I gathered my purchases together and began my trek home, stopping for a moment at North Seattle's crown jewel, the awe-inspiring Northgate Mall to get some cawffee. (FYI: pear cider & a liberal dose of Jim Beam makes for an interesting hangover.) Made it home and lounged for a while. Tried to get the Mac working. (Grrrr...) Did the whole freshening up routine before leaving the house to get food. I ran into Sordid History Emily outside of Bauhaus, which began an afternoon full of fun and frolick. And beer.

First, we went to the Six Arms for beer and grilled cheese sammiches. We were going to try to go see Baraka at the Egyptian, but it was very sold out. Back-up plan: we decided to try to go see Streetwise at the Little Theatre. That didn't work either, but I'll get into that in a bit. Anyhow, after Six Arms, there was a stop at Bauhaus for iced coffee and a chat with some of the other patrons, including (funny enough) the Other Ed, who I had never seen in this establishment ever before. Wacky. Also making a brief appearance were Tasha and Steven. They were off to partake in some musica Cubano. Hope y'all had fun 'n' stuff.

We walked up to the Little Theatre on Harvard, where we ran into Jen (one of my favoritest waitresses from The Cyclops) and her girlfriend Bella. They had just gotten done with a performance of the play they're in. I asked Jen if she knew anything about a movie playing there. She took that opportunity to inform me that there are actually two "Little Theatres" - that one, and one on 19th & Union. So we were off again. We traipsed up Pine St until we got to Madison, and then down to 19th & Union. There was nothing there except some cute little houses. Hrm.

Emily and I figured that we were most definitely not in the right place, so we ventured further into the Central District just to see what there was to see. I observed that there are a lot of churches in the area - more so than in most neighborhoods. It was a goregeous afternoon, too - ominous clouds to the east, bright sunlight from the west, lighting up trees and buildings against a dark background. Killer.

Our further adventures took us to the playground at the TT Minor school, where I found myself the victim of an assault from Emily with a dirty red balloon. I popped it. End of story.

Next: We returned to the safe confines of Capitol Hill. As we were walking by the Comet Tavern, a friend of Em's popped out and beckoned us inside. Next thing you know, the four of us (there was another of her friends there as well) were drinking brewskis, talking philosophy, and reading excerpts out of a McSweeney's book. ( I also looked in the Weekly and discovered that the Little Theatre we were looking for was on 19th & Mercer - the other end of the freakin' hill. D'oh.)

The night wound down after that. We stopped and got a burrito, and then I dropped her off back at Bauhaus. Went home, did laundry, watched a little bit of the X-Files, and nursed my sore feet.


I've got spirit, yes I do. I've got spirit, how 'bout you?
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Sooo....I'm pretty sure I fucked up my computer at home. Kam hooked me up with a copy of Mac OS9 the other night. I tried to install it yesterday, only to find that I don't have enough memory to install or run it. I did manage to replace a driver or something. Now my browser dosen't work. Which means I can't LJ from home. Which sucks. Bah.

Anyway, I went out with Bryan and Lehanna and Johnathan (Fuckstick) (who has an LJ but I can't remember what his name is) and Sean. Spent some quality time at Linda's, drinking copious amounts of Black Label and Makers. After we got kicked off of the patio, we ventured up to the almighty metal lovin' Bad Muthafuckin' JuJu lounge. I hadn't been there in forever and a day. We air-guitared & -drummed to some Metallica, Pantera, Slayer, etc. For joy. After a stop fer some fish & chips, we went our separate ways (hello, Journey reference).

Today: woke up on the Lay-Z-Boy at about 10:00. Did some laundry and watched the Lakers make asses out of the Spurs. Then went out with Brian & Pat. Made a sojourn up to the Hill (Orpheum, specifically), where we ran into Tasha & Betsy & Jenny & Jamie. After a brief chat, it was off to the Shoreline Central Market for supplies for the BBQ tomorrow and to pick up Chris.

Next: Dad Watson's in Fremont for some grub & cold brews. We were joined by Damon and Michaela. We split from there and went to El Camino for more boozeriffic activities.

Now we're back at Kalthoff Manor, continuing our escapades.

I think there's some wrestling going on in the living room. Yowza.
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Zoinks. What a rollicking good night. Went over to Bryan's place of residence, in this lovely old building right behind Crack Park in Belltown. Most of the residents of the building, and their hangers-on, were congregated on the back patio. I stuck to myself for the first part of the soiree...I wasn't in life-of-the-party mode tonight. It was, however, totally fucking spectacular watching the sky fade from light blue to a dark azure as the hours and minutes passed. It was an absolutely gorgeous night. Warm, clear, a little breezy...this is what us Seattleites live for through the nine months of rain that occur most years. Wow. 86 freaking degrees today. Fan-fucking-tastic.

Anyway, back to the party: one of the other residents of the building (Brian, I believe) had been Airporting music from the Speakeasy offices to his laptop on the patio. We got our fill of Dr. Dre's The Chronic and some surf music. (There was a little Guns & Roses interlude there for a bit too.) Then he busted out a DVD of Akira Kurasowa's Sanjuro (sp?). Nothing like a little subtitled 1960s Japanese samurai epic on the back porch of a former brothel to liven up a night. Actually, the movie was quite good.

After the flick had concluded, I joined the rest of the remaining revelers, which included several Speakeasy employees and fellow LJers...I'd link 'em all, but I won't cuz I can't remember who's how and what's where. Deal with it.

But now I'm home. There's nothing like a brisk walk through Belltown at 1:00 AM to keep yr wits sharp. I gave some cat $5.00 so he could get him & his wife and kid home. His car had apparently broken down on I-5 and he needed cab fare. Even if his story was complete and utter bullshit, which it very possibly may have been, it was at least better than most sob stories i hear from folks asking me for money - if they have a story at all.


I showed up at work half an hour late today. I have a feeling that it will be a similar situation on Wednesday as well. God I miss being able to hang out until 4 or 5 every morning, and still being able to get to work on time. But I also really like getting off of work at 5:00 every day.


Going to bed.

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So i didn't go to the show last night. Instead, I went up to Machiavelli to get food. To my surprise, Suzette was bartending (I thought Jason had Fridays). I sat, and ate, and drank, and talked, and drew pictures on drink coasters. All of a sudden, I hear someone say my name - it was Jordan! Eeeee! (Not that any of you know this person, but whatever.) She was there with her friend Sara...they were supposed to have gone to the show as well. Funny, that. Then Andy, Jordan's bf (and a friend of Anna's from back in Bellingham) showed up, and we had a rollicking good time. The ladies left for awhile, and Andy and i discussed the current state of indie rock, or something...I don't remember really. We ended up at their apartment, where i got to play Andy's coral '65 Fender P-Bass. Mmmm, that was nice. The neck could use a tweak, and the pickups are a little beat up, but overall, it was very nice. I tried my damndest to keep up with the bassline on the Amon Tobin CD that was playing, but it proved to be too much for me. I left at around 2:00, maybe? All I know is that I wound up waiting in line at Taco Bell on Broadway...why the hell did I think Taco Bell was a good idea? Ack. Then i walked home. I tried to post last night, but someone was doing something to the LJ DEV BOX (I think that's what it was), and a long ass comment I wrote out is now lost. Damn that's annoying.

Give me waffles or give me death. Or a backrub.
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Met up with Chris at Bauhaus. We tried going to Machiavelli, but it was waaaay packed, so we ended up at Linda's. (Linda's Tavern being the last place Kurt Cobain was seen alive. Not that that influenced our decision to go there. It was just the closest place that had booze. Besides the Baltic Room and the Capitol Club, that is.) So we sat, and drank, and talked, and drank, and talked, and then Brian joined us. We then proceeded to drink, and talk, and drink and...you get the idea. Chris took off to pick up Michaela. Brian and I killed the pitcher and then went our separate ways.

I'm at home now. They were just showing footage of the Mardi Gras riots on tv. Now, personally, I derive much satisfaction from watching drunken fraternity brothers beat the living shit out of eachother. But when those same people go out and beat the living shit out of people who are being at least somewhat responsible, and are just trying to have some fun, it deeply bothers me. I mean, some fucking 21-year old kid goes out to have a good time and ends up dead because some drunken jackasses let their testosterone run wild and decide to randomly attack people. What the fuck is up with that? Maybe the next earthquake will take out those fuckers. ARRRRGH! FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!!!!! I have no sympathy for people who have the ability, but choose not to control themselves. Fuck those sons-o-bitches.

Anyway...gonna go see Enemymine and Swarming Hordes with Stacy tomorrow at the Sit & Spin. RAWWWWWWK. Put up yr devil horns.

Someone's selling rubble from yesterday's earthquake on eBay. Do they have no shame?
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Ahhh...so I'm back in Seattle, back at work. Ex-fucking-citing. Vancouver was a hoot. Here's a rundown of what we did:

· Left Bellingham at about 11:30 or so. Smooth sailing till we got to the border. We stopped at the duty-free store and bought tax-exempt cigarettes and changed our money from boring American green to vibrant Canadian hues. When it came time to cross the border, they started playing 20 questions with us, which led to us making a little pit stop in the immigration office, where the questions continued. They checked us out, made sure we weren't felons on the lam or anything, and then let us go. Aaaack.

· Once across the longest undefended border in the world, we made good time up into Vancouver. Check in wasn't until 3:00, but they had our room ready early, so we were rapidly whisked into our abode for the weekend. We unpacked all of our shiz and left to get food. We walked down Robson St. and ended up eating at Red Robin (which was a TGI Friday's last time we were up there). It was either that or Hooters, for none of the other restaurants around there looked too interesting at the moment. Plus we wanted to start drinking.

. A random observation: it's tight pants season in Vancouver.

· After eating, we did some window-shopping, and then some real shopping. We went to some mall they had downtown and we bought three pairs of shoes between us. (I got 1 pair). Then we headed back to the hotel for a brief respite. By this time it was time to recommence drinking. We had to wait for a while to get a table outside at the Cactus Club (I think Vancouver is like California - no smokin' indoors, anywhere.) We sat, and ate, and drank, and didn't even feel it. Back to the hotel, and then to Earl's On Top - nothing like Earl's on the Ave in Seattle. This Earl was much nicer. I had a rum & coke and three shots of Johnnie Walker Red Label (generally the available whisk(e)y selection in Canada sucks; hence I was drinking this, a blended Scotch. Eeek.) Anna had 4 vodka sours. The moral of the story? Thanks to the overwhelming use of measured pours, each drink we had was about half as strong as what we're used to. Most bartenders in the Emerald City don't use shot glasses to figure out how much booze yr getting.

· We left Earl's to walk the one block back to our hotel, where we quickly fell asleep in the big ass king size bed. I want one now.

· Saturday: Woke up around…I don't know what time we woke up. We were going to try to go see the Vancouver Memorial Police Museum, as we wanted to do the last time we were up, but discovered that in the winter, it's not open on weekends. So scratch that.

· Stopped at one of the two Starbucks that are kitty-corner from each other. It hurt my ears to hear them call out the drinks: Ameri-KANE-oh, Gran (rhymes with "man") DAY lahTAY, etc.

· Got on the SkyTrain to go to Science World (that big golf ball looking thing that they built for Expo '86). The SkyTrain fucking ROCKS. It costs the same as the bus, it's clean, and it's fast. Seattle has no fucking excuse to not have one of these things. But I digress...

· SCIENCE WORLD: I think this attraction is a little past its prime. Many of the displays were sorta run down looking. And there was very little supervision by either parents or staff. There were young'uns running rampant everywhere. We watched an Imax film about the sun. It was tres groovy.

· Took the SkyTrain back downtown. Got some bomb-ass pasta at Da Pasta Joint (yes, it was "Da", not "The", and yes, it was "bomb-ass"). Began drinking there.

· Fearing that we wouldn't get sufficiently toasty that night, we needed a little insurance. So after dinner, we went to the liquor store. I bought this cute little bottle of Black Bush for something like $3.50 U.S. Anna ended up not getting anything.

· Went back to the hotel, where Anna took a nap, and I drank half the bottle of Black Bush and watched the Thin Lizzy Behind The Music. At about 8:30, I woke her up; we got ready, and went out to...
· The Alibi Room. Yep, the same folks who opened the one at the Pike Place Market have ventured into Canada. The Vancouver Alibi Room is a lot more spacious, but thematically similar (dark, wrought-iron racks, a library of movie scripts, etc.) This was the mother lode here: they had Maker's Mark! This was the only place we went to the entire weekend that had it. So I had three or four of them on the rocks. They measured the shots, but we developed a rapport with the bartender, so he was a little more liberal with his pour. And another thing that excited me: the bathrooms were called "bathrooms" and not "washrooms". Don't ask why this was so exciting. It just was. We hung out there for a while, and then had to go wait for our cab outside. We ended up talking with this guy from Ontario about prohibitive smoking laws. He was nice. We were dunk. The cab took forever to get there. Oh yeah - here's another difference between the U.S. and Canada: the cab dispatchers and drivers are actually nice. Imagine that.

· Back to the hotel. Got into bed, watched Saturday Night Live, and passed the fuck out.

· Sunday: Woke up at 8:30. I watched some Punjabi Public Access channel and part of some English children's movie dubbed into French. We finally got ready and checked out at 11:00. Had breakfast at the hotel. We then took an hour to go off on our own. Anna bought clothes. I went to the Virgin Megastore and found almost nothing there that I couldn't get in the States. Notable exceptions: Bjork's "Gling-glo" CD that is nearly impossible to find nowadays, and an …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead video single from England. Outside of that, not anything too special. There were lots and lots of local (meaning Seattle-area) bands in the racks there (Death Cab, Sleater-Kinney, 764-Hero, etc). All the "explicit lyrics" labels were in English and French. Woo.
· We stopped at Safeway to pick up some stuff for Anna's mom and then left for home. We managed to totally miss the Duty Free Store (and thusly cheap liquor) on the way back. Oh well. No problems getting back through the border.

· Went back to Anna's parents' house and had dinner. Then back to Seattle.

So there you have it. And the entire time, not once did I hear anyone say "eh?" !
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I can't wait to go to Vancouver. I miss those wacky Canadians and their cute little accents. They're overwhelmingly polite. Unless you start thowing around terms like "Canuck" and "frog" which many Americans are wont to do after consuming several bottles of Molson. Budweiser and Miller are imports. Old Golds are gold because even our shitty cigarettes are better than their normal ones. And the money is different colors. Those freaking Loonys - someone panhandles you, you reach into your pocket and feel some change, so you toss it at him. Problem is those are dollar coins yr tossing, dumbass. I miss packages measured using the Metric system. I don't really know how much I'm getting, so I don't care. And they're not bathrooms or restrooms - they're "washrooms", eh? I miss the duty-free store, where I can get monster bottles of Jameson for the same price as I'd pay for a fifth here. I'm also planning on getting a bottle of Moskayava (sp?). It's made by the Stolichnaya company I think. It's made with grass. And the bottle is cool. But I've never seen it in the US.

I just hope that the weather holds out. It was beautiful when Anna & I went there last year. I'm hoping for the same this year. I could do without the 2 hour wait at the border coming home though.
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Yeah, I know - no more Kingdome. I guess all the monster truck rallys have to go tp the Tacoma Dome now. Oh well. When I was a senoir in high school, I tried to sponsor a class trip to the monster truck rally. It didn't fly.

I'm going over to my brother's crib this afternoon to drink shite beer and watch the Super Bowl. The whole thing is more about drinking shite beer than watching football. Neither of us are big sports fans. I don't really like either of the teams that are playing. I guess I'll root for the NY Giants (event though they play in New Jersey). The one cool thing about the Baltimore Ravens, though, is that they were named after the Edgar Allen Poe poem The Raven. It's nice to see that art and literature has some influence on the machismo-drenched juggernaut that is professional sports.

Anyway, I went out to T.S. McHugh's for Chris & Michaela's joint birthday shindig last night. Much merriment was made by all in attendance.

Word. I'd keep writing, but I gotta go potty.

(PS: Stacy - I spaced and forgot to email ya like I said I was gonna. Please accept my apologies. I thought I'd tell ya I found a used copy of that Neko Case CD. It's very...um, country. Good tho'.)
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So get a load of this.

Last night, I danced.

Yes, you heard me. I danced. In front of people. People I didn't know. First time in I don't know how long. Why? Because of the Patio Kings at the Baltic Room. They make dancy music. And lots of other people were dancing and harassing us to get up on the dance floor. So we did. It was good to see these guys get a decent show in Seattle (they're from Bellingham). The last time I saw them was at this bar in the U District. I don't think the U District is ready for them (they're not hippie enough).

But yeah. I shook my groove thang. Actually, less of a shake. More of a wobble. Maybe an undulation. Anyway, it was fun.

I'm totally brain dead right now. Need to wake up. A little over 8 hours until I get out of here.
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Left work, came home. Fucked around here for awhile. Anna & I were going to go see Chocolat, but we ended up meeting up with Chelsea and going to this little hole-in-the-wall bar in Ballard. It was nice - unpretentious, somewhat cheap drinks, polite waitstaff, decent music. All in all a good time. I'm home now. I'm really hungry. Tired, too. I suppose I could make some food, but that would involve doing dishes. and at midnight:57, I'm really in no mood to do such a thing. I think I'm going to check my friends page, smoke a cigarette, and go the fuck to bed.

VV0rd up d00d. h4X0r5 !|\| +h3 h!zz0u53.

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