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Alan Parsons Project - I Robot
I didn't own any, and I thought I should. Some of it is good.  Some of it is not so good.  I wonder if Asimov was a fan?
Boston - Boston
You can't front on Brad Delp. Or his moustache.  I know I, for one, have got more than a feeling.
Brad - Welcome To Discovery Park
I liked their first two albums. Curious to hear what they did without major label money.
Hall & Oates - Rock & Soul Part 1 (Greatest Hits)
Dude. Shut up. "I Can't Go For That"? "Private Eyes"? Don't front.
Idlewild - 100 Broken Windows
I think the evil ex stole this one. I listened to it last night and it still rocks. Reminds me very much of the tumultuous summer of 2001.
Jamiroquai - Traveling Without Moving
Dude. Shut up. That Jay Kay guy is a Stevie Wonder wanna be assclown, but the music ain't half bad.
The Juan Maclean - Less Than Human
From what I understand, this is going to be house music. I fucking hate house music. But I liked John Maclean from his tenure in Six Finger Satellite, which is one of my all-time favorite bands. We'll see.
Morrissey - Your Arsenal
I hate Morrissey! Why did I buy this? Because...I think I'm starting to like Morrissey. Same way I've started to like one of my other olde-tyme nemeses, Depeche Mode. And Lynyrd Skynyrd.
No Doubt - The Singles 1992-2000
Dude. Shut up. I'm not even going to try to explain this one. You should also know that I have an unironically purchased Destiny's Child CD in my collection.
Phoenix - Alphabetical
These guys are Frenchies, right? I think their live shit is superior to their recorded shit, but that "Everything Is Everything" song rules regardless.
Sahara Hotnights - Jennie Bomb
I want to like this band. I am going to try again to like this band. I trust Swedes to make good rock & roll.
Scorpions - Blackout
This album cover totally freaked me out when I was a kid. (See also Van Halen - Fair Warning; Kiss - Dynasty)
Shelby  Lynne - I Am Shelby Lynne
I owned this album once before but sold it for crack money. White girl sings in the Green style.
Tricky - Pre-Millennium Tension
I wonder if Tricky still feels tense now since Y2K proved to be a bust?
Wilco - Summerteeth
I've been admittedly slow in getting on the Wilco bandwagon. I saw them on the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot tour, but this is the first album of theirs that I've ever owned.
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Bossman just hooked me up with a copy of the Black Sabbath - Symptom of the Universe set.

I will be rocking mightily (to use an Endinoism) until the end of my shift tonight.

Also recently purchased:

The Rolling Stones - Aftermath: mostly so I can listen to "Paint It Black" and "Under My Thumb" over and over and over.

The Mahavishnu Orchestra - The Inner Mounting Flame: Much to my surprise, this shit is really good. (I've only barely dabbled in fusion.) I dunno if John McLaughlin got into all that Scientology shit like Stanley Clarke and Chick Corea did, but this strikes me as less hippie/Hubbard-y and more rock than a lot of other fusion I've heard.

The Dillinger Escape Plan - Miss Machine: Haven't quite absorbed this one yet. I don't know if my brain can handle screaming in 17/8 time as well as it once could.

The Afghan Whigs - Going To Town EP: A British release with the studio version of "Going To Town", plus a pretty killer live version, and "Moon River" (!) I just saw a copy of this on Amazon for $49.00. I paid $5.00. Ha!
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I've been rocking out to the Swarming Hordes EP for three days straight now. I don't even know if they're still around. I know the CD is waaaaay out of print. Five songs and 10 minutes of the most awesome instru-metal ev4r.
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I decided tonight that I would pick the music I listen to at random - this involved sitting in front of my CD racks, closing my eyes, counting down from 25, and whatever CD case I landed on, I played - not looking at the CD until I had taken it out of it's case, putting it in my CD player, and hitting "play"

This is being done to force me to make sure I lisen to things I might not normally pull off the racks to listen to. If I'm going to brag about having an assload of records, shouldn't I be listening to them all?

So far, I've played:

Hazel - Ariana
Soul Coughing - Ruby Vroom
Faces - Ooh La La
Tom Waits - Frank's Wild Years
Stetsasonic - In Full Gear
Free Verse - s/t EP

I would recommend any of you with large music collections to try this sometime. Either you'll find yourself revisiting an old friend, or enjoying a newer one.

But that's just me.

PS: This was my 1,380th journal entry. Like you care. I do.
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Dear Edmund,

Just a quick email to let you know that your order has been dispatched
full today. Approximate delivery times are as follows:

UK - 1st Class post = 1 working day
Europe - Airmail = 3-5 working days
North America - Airmail = 5-7 working days
Rest of the World - Airmail = 7-10 working days

If you have any further queries relating to your order, please do not
hesitate to email us at shop@banchory.net. Thanks again for your custom
and we hope you enjoy the items!

all of us @ Banchory.

Yay! I'm getting this to be exact. I suppose I prolly could have found it domestically, but I like getting mail from overseas. Not that that happens, ever.
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I went digging through the box that I keep my "second string" CDs in - my current CD racks top out at holding 750 or something, so until I get another 500-capacity rack, I have to keep some in a box off to the side. I hadn't really looked at any of these CDs since I moved in to my apartment a year and a half ago. Here are some of the gems I extracted:

Einstürzende Neubauten - Die Hamletmaschine
The Walkabouts - Dead Man Rise (I bought this solely to hear the original version of "Hangman", which Silkworm covered)
Michael Manring - Thonk (The biggest bass-player dork record I own)
Tom Tom Club - s/t (Hey, this sounds an awful lot like that one Mariah Carey song...)
Mr. Bungle - s/t
Lush - Lushlife (I never particularly liked this record, but dammit if "Ladykillers" wasn't the catchiest song of 1996)
AmRep - Peel Sessions (It's got Helmet, Surgery, Tar, and best of all, The Cows doing really fucked up versions of "You Are So Beautiful" and "How Dry I Am".)
The Wipers - The Best of Wipers and Greg Sage
The Crow soundtrack
Living Colour - Biscuits EP
Cardinal - s/t (this is so twee it makes me want to vomit.)
fIREHOSE - Live Totem Pole EP (they cover Public Enemy, the Butthole Surfers, Blüë Öÿstër Cült, Superchunk, and Wire)

There's a couple hundred more CD in that box that I won't bother to mention - chances are, ya wouldn't have heard of 'em anyway :)
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I just had a nice conversation with one Mr. John Richards, also known as John In The Morning, disk jockey extrodinaire on your favorite radio station and mine, KEXP. John is subbing for Don, the program director while he's on vacation. We spoke mainly of bands, bad bands that send their bad CDs to the station, bad goth bands that have their friends constantly harass DJs to get said bad goth band's CD played, and holier-than-thou local papers that publish poorly written and researched articles on the station. I also recommended some CDs to him to be considered for airplay (see my last post).

Anyhow, John is a very nice guy. I'm hoping to get to talk to him again next week, and maybe pick his brain about more stuff.

Got some new CDs from the station, including Trust No One by Dave Navarro.
Yep, that Dave Navarro - his first solo effort (I think). Interesting that both he and Perry Ferell have new records out...hmmmm...


Jun. 15th, 2001 08:58 am
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I did it!

I finally did laundry last night!

Let's hear it for clean socks!

In other news: Ran into my former co-workers Marvin & Renee outside of the Starfucks on Pine (between 5th & 6th...there's one every block). Chatted with them for a little bit, and then ran into Anna, who was also busy being late for work.

(I promised her I wouldn't discuss her on the internet, so I won't. But things are...erm...OK.)

Gonna have to go up to KEXP today to drop off some CDs & get some new ones to review.

Some recommendations from this last batch:

Rebecca Moore - Home Wreckordings 1997-1999: This was a really cool record. Ms. Moore has a voice that falls somewhere between Bjork and Sinead O'Connor, and uses all sorts of weird electronics, strings, and plain ol' guitars. Reminded me of Laurie Anderson a little bit. On Knitting Factory Records

Favez - Gentlemen Start Your Engines: Yawn. How many fucking copycat emo bands are there out there? Learn some new chords, folks. This had a kinda cool cover photo though.

Maserati - 37:29:34: This band is from the same place as REM (Athens, GA), but you'd never know it. Completely instrumental, they sorta sound like the bastard love child of Mogwai and Hum - slow, delicate builds which resolve themseves with a rock hard wall of noise. Muy bueno.

The Lies - Resigned: Thibbitt. Pretty crappy recording...imagine if Tones On Tail were a Kill Rock Stars band. Had me reaching for the skip button. A lot.

So that's that. Back to work.
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The Afghan Whigs - What Jail Is Like import single...shorter than the US version, doesn't have the live tracks, but has 2 different studio tracks

Deltron 3030 - s/t: This is sooo sick...Del, Dan the Automator, Prince Paul, MC Paul Barman, Damon Albarn, and a shizload of other folks in a sci-fi hip-hop concept album. Dope.

Tricky - Maxinquaye: never owned this record before. This is maybe the first time I've seen it used. So now I have it.

Jay-Z - Vol. 3...The Life And Times Of S. Carter: It was worth the $5.00 I paid for this, just so I could listen to "Big Pimpin'" whenever I want.

Uzeda - Out Of Colours: Italian punk band...this record was from '91 on First Warning; they're on Touch & Go now. And they're good, too!

Apes of Wrath - can't remember the title: Saw these folks with Bloodhag and Swarming Hordes. Loud, fast, and out of control. Word.

OK. That's it.
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Just got back from doing the Sapphire thing avec Anna. Courtney invited us to her birthday party on 4/4. At the Rendezvous no less. The Rendezvous is where the drunks go after they've been kicked out of every other bar on a given night. (Shining Rendezvous moment: playing a show there [someone's b-day party, funny enough], and borrowing Gruntruck's P.A.)

I'll be sure to bring my shank.

If you dig hard enough, here's what $15.74 can buy you at the U-District Cellophane Square:

Analog Brothers - Pimp To Eat: Ice T & Kool Keith. Shee-it. Probably the best shit Ice T's done since O.G. Original Gangster.

Peep;[sic] - The Joy Of Being: It was on Knitting Factory Records. It was $1.00. I figgered why not?

Chappaquidick Skyline: In case you couldn't get enough Scud Mtn. Boys lovin'...

Spiritualized - Lazer Guided Melodies: This is an import from Deutschland from 1992. The CD still has "PROPERTY OF SILVER PLATTERS" printed on it. Hmmm...

various - Fuck The Rules: some Warner Bros. sampler from 1996. Pretty much the only reason I got it is because there was a Soul Coughing song on it from (I think) the "X Files" soundtrack. It also contains songs from such exciting acts as the Goo Goo Dolls, Biohazard, and Adam Sandler. Woo.

Illium - Plexiglass Cube EP: I believe this is the first release from this band. In the band is one James Hughes, empresario of Hefty Records (anyone get the Reach The Rock soundtrack? Or better yet see the movie?), and who is the son of John Hughes, director of many 80s Brat Pack movies (Breakfast Club, et al., and [not incidentally] Reach The Rock). Anyway, they sound sorta like Tortoise. But then again, who doesn't nowdays? Produced by Bob "Fuck Me, I'm In A Band With Steve Albini" Weston.

My search for a (read: any) Disco Inferno CD came up nil, once again. I figger I'm gonna have to go to Silver Platters (they of the purloined Spiritualized disc described above). They'll probably have something. Or maybe Fallout. We shall see.

One more day of the weekend left. Let's see what damage I can do.
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A quick recap:

Yesterday - Went up to KCMU to get new CDs to review. Took 10 this time. So far the band that has struck me the most is called Mezodigm. Thwy have this weird Slint-with-lap-steel feel to them. Southern-fried post-rock. Cool.

Last night - M0GWAI = TRANCENDENCE. I liked Pan Sonic too. I've seen them once before (opening for Trans Am at the Breakroom). Imagine all of the molecules in your body simultaneously fusing, and then breaking apart. That was this show. It was also the 2nd loudest show I think I've ever been to. (The 1st being Public Enemy at Aro.Space.)

This show was also monumental, because a) I purchased a 3-song Mogwai CD of a (supposedly) 500 limited edition CD run; the 3rd track is an Arial M cover, and b) I purchased (with financial assistance from Stacy) my very first band shirt ever. Yep, you heard me. Ever. Why? Because most of the bands that I felt were worthy of having me walk around with their name emblazoned on my chest never made t-shirts, or I was not able to obtain one. But I am proud to say that I am now officially part of the Scottish Guitar Army. (I wonder if that's a parody of the KISS Army, or even the MELVINS Army...hmmm...) As far as I know, Naked City never made shirts. If they had I sooo would wear one.

Saw some peeps I ain't seen in a good long while last night too. It was muy bueno. However, I got to bed just a lil' too late, which leads me to...

Today - Talked to the girl. She is very very very sick. She might have strep throat. She will find out for sure tomorrow from the doctor. She's in pretty bad shape, and I can't go over to her house and take care of her lest I get deathly ill myself. So, in lieu of personal care, I've been keeping in close contact with her by phone. She's strong. She'll make it OK.

In other news: Got to work half an hour late. Ooops. Went to lunch with Brian at the WAC(k). Neato. Left work and ended up at the Rock Bottom for drinks, video golf, and shop talk. Again, neato.

After leaving the Rock Bottom, I found myself ravaging the 75% off bin at Borders. Here's a list of the fruits of my plunder:

Servotron - Entertainment Program For Humans (Second Variety)

Sleater-Kinney - A Quarter To Three import single

The Zawinul Syndicate - Black Water

John Travolta - Greased Lightnin' - 18 Greatest Hits

US Maple - The Wanderer single

The Pursuit Of Pleasure The Cigar (video)

Magic Star Traveler Vol. 2 Camels & Giraffes (video)

KIRO 7 Northwest Video Series 40 Years Of Television (video. Duh)

and then I paid regular (albeit cheap or sale) price for:

John Coltrane - Blue Train

Moby - Play

Ok, I think I'm done. I'm pretty sure that Death Cab is a no go tomorrow. The likelihood of getting tickets at the door is slim, from what I can gather. But if anyone knows anything different, please let me know.

Crikey. Tired Ed. Eyes burn. Smoke too much. I think I'll have another.

Oh, I am now apparently part of a "Sims" love tryst.

Tasha my dear, if you only knew...
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Made a field trip up to Braodway. Got some grub at World Wrappppps. Stopped at the internet cafe so I could view my LJ properly (at home I have my browser set to not auto-load images; otherwise, it takes forever and a day to load up the page). Unfortunately, LJ was being sooooper-pissy and unwilling to cooperate. Stopped at ShittyMarket on my way home, and on a whim, picked up a sixer of Milwaukee's finest suds, Pabst Blue Ribbon - the first can of which I managed to knock over as soon as I opened it. About half of its former contents are now on my kitchen floor. Maybe I'm glad I didn't get the 40 of Lucky Lager.

Bought some CDs as well:

The Droo Church - In A Pasture Built For Lovers: Never heard 'em. Local. $2.00.

Mudhoney - Boiled Beef & Rotting Teeth: Touch me, I'm sick.

Ennio Morricone - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly soundtrack: Aye-ee-aye-ee-aye wah wah wahhh...

Antarctica - s/t ep: I like this record. I did not like the 2-disc set they put out after this. Waaay too...er...I dunno. 80s poppy sounding, I guess.

Excuse me while I finish mopping up the beer off of my floor. And myself.

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Don't ask about the subject...I was trying to come up with some faux-Dungeons & Dragons/C Average type title...it didn't work.

Went up to the Six Arms for a nutritious lunch (a Boca burger and a bottle of Lucky Lager), then got my hair cut. It's...er..different. Actually, it's like it was about a year ago (sorta spiky). After that, I went up to Cell Square and Disc Go Round (which isn't Disc Go Round anymore, but I can't remember what the new name is) and purchased new muzeek, some of which is old stuff that I never got around to buying, or stuff I've never heard but thought I might like:

Ensemble Nipponi - Japan ~ Traditional Vocal & Instrumental Music
Hot Water Music - Fuel For The Hate Game: I've noticed that Stacy seems to be listening to these folks pretty often...figgerd what the hey...
Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine: Lemme put this in perspective - the first time I heard "Down In It" was on MTV's 120 Minutes when I was in the 8th grade. If that doesn't date me, I dunno what does.
Polecat - High Pressure System: Local, sorta emo/not-quite-hardcore stuff. In fact, a lot more emo than I remember from seeing them live.
The Smashing Pumpkins - Adore: $4.99, folks. Whether or not you realize it, they were a Chicago band, hence Brad Wood being all over this record. I'm still waiting for Billy Corgan to start a supergroup with Steve Albini and Al Jourgensen...they could call themselves The Uptight Frontmen of Chicago Ensemble. Hey - it's an idea.
The Twilight Singers - Twilight As Played by The Twilight Singers: Say goodnight, Mr. Dulli.
various - Natural Born Killers sdtrk.
various - Rawkus presents Soundbombing II

Didn't find any French pop, tho'.

Now I'm home. John Zorn is playing at Benaroya Hall tonight. Why am I not there? Cuz I spaced and didn't get tickets in time, cuz I'm a lazy ass and waited till after the frickin box office was closed. I suppose I could have just sauntered down there and tried to get in anyway, but I didn't. I have only myself to blame. I suck.
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Last night I was deciding what CDs I was going to bring to work with me today. I dug out my old copy of Living Colour's Vivid. I haven't listened to this in a loooong time. I used to have it on a tape, with E.U.'s Livin' Large on the other side. (I think it was called Livin' Large...E.U. was the DC go-go band that did "Doin' The Butt" that was used in Spike Lee's School Daze.) But I digress. Living Colour was the band that inspired me to start playing bass. Seeing the video for "Cult of Personality" was the first time that I noticed that there were guitar players who did solos, and then there was always that other guy. I couldn't figure out why they held their guitar differently than other guys, and why they played it with their fingers instead of a pick. I think one of my sisters told me that is was a bass guitar. I just thought their bass player (Muzz Skillings) looked cool. I decided at that point that I wanted to be a bass player too.

That was when I was in the 8th grade. The only instruments I was familiar with at the time were turntables, drum machines, and samplers. You'd be hard pressed to find any tapes in my collection that weren't hip-hop. (I did buy the Beastie Boys' Polly Wog Stew not realizing that it was a punk record.) It wasn't until late in the 9th grade that I became able to pick out the individual parts of songs and hear how the guitars and bass and drums and vocals all interacted. (This came from joining the marching band.) It changed the way I listened to music drastically. From that point onward I could never listen to a song and not pick it apart. All the music I listened to as a kid reopened to me. I listened to ...And Justice For All and realized you couldn't really hear Jason Newsted anyway.

It was about this time that I also picked up the shitty little Peavy bass that was in my high schools band room and started messing around with it. (I think it was made out of pressboard or something.) I couldn't play anything, so I just tuned the strings to how I thought sounded good and pounded on it. It wasn't until junior year that I actually started playing with any regularity. Fast forward 8 years, and I still can't play like Muzz Skillings. Or Doug Wimbish, the NY session guy who joined after Living Colour parted company with Mr. Skillings. Wimbish is a badass too. And I had just missed seeing Vernon Reid (the guitarist) at the Knitting Factory by one night last time I was in Noo Yawk.

Just thought I'd share.
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Due to the kindness of others (meaning Anna and my sister Katie giving me gift certificates), I procured several CDs today:

MC Paul Barman - It's Very Stimulating: hardcore hip-hop from a dorky Jewish kid from NY. Blame Prince Paul.
Decendents - Somery: All? No! All!
Do Make Say Think - s/t: finally found a copy of this.
FCS North - s/t: live drum 'n' bass in yr face from the guys who have made me coffee at Bauhaus for years.
Shelby Lynne - I Am Shelby Lynne: a lil' bit country, a lil' bit...er...not.
Motley Crue(!!!) - Shout At The Devil: She's got looks that kill.
Jill Scott - Who Is Jill Scott? Words & Sounds Vol. 1: ahhh yeeeeah.
shannonwright - maps of tacit: saw her open up for the Dirty Three. One word - OMFUG.
various - 6 From The Farm: I got this 'cuz it had the Bali Girls, who I like alot, and Ice Break, who I thought I might like from reading an interview in The Rocket a while ago. The broke up shortly thereafter.
various - Rawkus 2000 New York Independent Hip-Hop Mixed By Shortee Blitz: three words - Mos fuckin' Def.

As a side note, I saw my CD (meaning Six Day Affair) in the $0.99 bin at Orpheum. That always hurts.
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Whassup. It's Sunday. I find that whenever I go out to run errands, I find myself mysteriously sucked into record stores. Here's the latest purchases:

Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger: I've been watching VH1's 100 Greatest Hard Rock Bands of All Time intermittently throughout the weekend. These guys were #14 I think. It made me wistful for when I was 15. I have it on tape, maybe, somewhere.

Bloodhound Gang - Hooray For Boobies: Marginally funny, totally immature, $4.99. 'Nuff said.

Cake Like - Come N' Play: 4 song EP. I have 2 of the songs on other CDs, but whateva. Totally underrated band.

Ca$h Money - Black Hearts and Broken Wills: Trashy no-bass blooze. $1.00.

Larval - 2: Completes the Mogwai/Godspeed trifecta.

the 90 Day Men - s/t (I think): Gimme gimmie math rock.

Harvey Danger - Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone?: Let me explain. I found an original (pre-London/Slash Records re-release) copy of this CD. My hope is that if this band does shake its one-hit wonder tag, the CD might be worth something to someone. Probably not. Well, now I can sit and listen to "Flagpole Sitta" non-stop. For joy.

So, all in all, not a bad take. Averaged $5.89 per CD. I'm gonna go eat, get laundry detergent, do laundry, and call the girlfriend.

More tomorrow.

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