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If one were to believe the local media, Seattle is going to melt like a 5-year-old's ice cream cone today.

I, for one, do not believe them.

That said, I'm all for the warm weather.

Though I wouldn't mind importing some of it to my pals back east, where they are apparently about to float off into the Atlantic.
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Most of the people that I read on LJ have had, if anything, a similar reaction to the aftermath of the hurricane - in a nutshell, "Oh shit" and "What can I do?"

Then there are some others who maintain a smug detatchedness. Which is fine. Different strokes for different cold, unfeeling bastards.

Maybe it's just because I'm a little older; maybe I'm becoming softer. I don't know. Contrary to my avowed misanthropy, I can't help but to be affected by what I see and what I read.

There's nothing in recent American history to compare this event to. But worldwide, disasters, natural and otherwise, happen. Large numbers of people have been displaced with nowhere to go - Southeast Asia, Niger, Sudan. We are not unique snowflakes. Does that mean we should not afford our sympathies and our abilities to help? Absolutely not. Rather, we should just try to mind people, wherever there is need. Do what we can, where we can and when we can. Pick your battles, sure. But don't point and laugh.



Aug. 28th, 2005 03:21 pm
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Stay safe. Shee-it.
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Sheesh. It looks like it's snowing outside. Misty, misty, misty.

Shaved my beard off yesterday. I look like a gecko. I wish my facial hair would grow faster.

You ever have earthquake dreams? Ones where you wake up expexcting to find the house shaking? I had one of those last night, but in my dream there was also a hurricane happening. They make monster movies where two titans team up to create terror. How come they never make multiple-disaster movies?

update: I guess there was an earthquake last night. Maybe it wasn't a dream...
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Last night was full of fitful sleep and vivid dreams. This morning was full of water.

Let me explain.

I arose at around 10:00 this morning. I walked into the bathroom and noticed that the floor was all wet. My first thought was that the toilet had overflowed or that the sink had sprung a leak. I flipped on the lightswitch, and the light was brownish-red. This struck me as odd, being accustomed to yellow-white light from this fixture. I reached up to begin unscrewing the glass half-globe that covers the lightbulbs, and was rewarded with a stream of brown water on the forehead. I went and fetched the building manager, who explained to me what had happened:

Yesterday, there had been some work done on the pipes in one unit. The plumbers apparently had misinstalled a rubber ring somewhere. When the tenant who had requested the work done went to fill his bath this morning, the water went all over his apartment, the one next to him, and the one under him.

The one under him is me.

We got the glass light cover off and it was full of liquid (at least now I know lightbulbs will still work when fully immersed in water). When I went out to the kitchen to get a pot to catch the drips still coming from my ceiling, I noticed a huge bulge in the paint on the kitchen wall. It was about two feet long, and was the shape the state of Kentucky if you turned it upside down. We took a knife and pierced it and drained the water out of it.

That done, I decided that I still had enough time to take a shower before I had to leave to go record some songs.

Too bad there wasn't any fucking hot water.

More about the recording session later.
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...but I was apparently too asleep to notice. Here's why: Yesterday I did a whole lot of nothin'...meandered around Broadway, basically. Ran into Emily, and we went to the Green Cat and consumed foodstuffs (her: some sort of hummus wrap thang. me: Peanut butter & bananna & honey sammich.) Then back to Bauhaus to fulfill our caffeine needs. She sauntered off to some party in Northgate, while I went home.

Got a message from Anna. Called her back - apparently the Red House Painters show that she wanted me to go to was tonight (meaning Saturday) versus tomorrow (meaning today). I decided to go with her. So we did. Ran into Jesse there, and Minomi (sp?), who works at KEXP (thought she looked familiar). I also ran into my old roomie Auburn, whom Brian and I had been trying to track down for years now. Lo and behold - there she is. We're going to try to get together sometime soon.

So anyway, the show was good, but it was very full, and very hot. I was dying by the end of the Painters' set. We stuck around for the encore (which was basically Mr. Kozelek solo), but split as soon as the last not faded out.

When I got home, I flopped on the Lay-Z-Boy and let the TV rot my brain until about 3:30 this morning. Drug myself into bed. Got up at about noon. Slept through the earthquake, apparently.

Made an attempt to clean the abode today...ehh, well, it's a start. Went up to the Kincora to watch the Ms exact revenge on San Diego for last night's humiliating loss.

Word. OK, I should go home now.

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So, to top off all the crazy shit that happened yesterday, today we have a
fucking 7.0 earthquake.

I was at work, and all of a sudden, I start to feel things shake. Then things really start to shake. So I got under my desk and rode it out. Freaked me the fuck out. They got us all out of the building and onto 4th Avenue. After awhile, I went back upstairs and called my Dad. He's ok. I came home (I'm here now). So far, 12 people injured, one building on fire, and plenty of damage. Now there's been a mudslide somewhere. My apartment is ok. Some stuff fell off of the top of my TV, but outside of that, everything is OK. I hear that it was felt all the way from Vancouver BC to Salt Lake City. 17,000 are without power.

Fuckity fuckity fuck fuck fuck.
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1) Several thousand people in various states of innebriation are wreaking havoc in Pioneer Square.
2) A cop ran over a person on a bike on Aurora Ave. and killed him.
3) A guy in a fucking wheelchair gets run over and killed by a charter bus.
4) A person crashed their car into the Honda dealership on the other side of my block and died.




(in other "news": LiveJournal has been straight fuckin' up tonight. My last post and a comment to someone else's disappeared. Furk.)

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