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Jul. 27th, 2007 03:00 pm
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Last night was awesome.  Beyond awesome, even.

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Yesterday pretty much sucked until I got to McLeod, even though I got there too late to see everything.  Saw hella peeps there.  Found more ways how this world/state/city is too small. 

Upon reentering Ballard, I ran into Tim Seely + entourage, wherupon a whole mess of peoples went to his house and drank whatever we could muster and ate delicious party pizzas.

Man, I could really go for a burger right now.
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Put another dime dollar in the jukebox, baby.

I was thinking about retitling my journal with a quote from this Mooney Suzuki song - "In a young man's mind it's a simple world/There's a little room for music and the rest is girls". 'Cause, ya know, that's pretty much what it's been lately. It feels like that's all I talk about up in this sumbitch, at least.

There are probably nobler pursuits, sure, but I doubt there are as many that are as fun.
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Made the röck with the band yesterday. Dave and I debuted one new song a piece. Dave's new song sounds sorta like something I would write. Maybe that's why I like it.

From there it was off to the Stanwood Hotel (2nd weekend in a row!) for some rockabillyness and whatnot. The first band (The Haymakers) were quite entertaining, and whipped out a cover of MDC's "Chicken Squawk". Next was The All American Playboys. They looked sharp in their little suits, but when you do a Sonics cover, and then all of your original songs sound like Sonics covers, then no get up can save you. We skipped the third band.

I abstained from the usual 40 of Pabst as my stomach was doing backflips (thanks BK Chicken Sandwich). After a brief pit stop at the grocery store, we went back to the Bryant Compound where more beer was drunk, dogs were played with, and fun was had by all. And the cats tried to kill me with their histamine-attack-inducing fur. Gah.

Home now, safe and sound. Itchy though.
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] veganguy, I got to see the Doves (actually, they're just Doves, not the Doves, but whatever) night before last. The Graceland was more packed than I had ever seen it for anything, which was surprising. It was hot and sweaty and smoky, but didn't detract from the show. Elbow, the opener, rocked, at least for the few songs of theirs we caught. Doves were muy badass. They played a good mix of songs from their first CD (the one I have) and newer stuff. The main singer guy kept switching between bass and acoustic guitar, and when he was on the geetar, I couldn't figure out who was playing bass - either someone offstage, or they were playing to a sequencer. Or it was magic. I dunno. Anyhoo, they were güt, ja.

Ran into Anna* yesterday. She showed me photos of her trip to Ireland and the UK, and talked about herself, and completely neglected to ask anything about me, how I was doing, or what was going on. Not even in a small talk sort of way. I'm not sure if it's because she didn't want to know, of if she really has become that self-centered. Oh well.

I moving soon. I hate moving. This will be a good move, but still, ehhh. Moving. Blech.

*Anna is the ex from a year ago. When we broke up I promised not to talk about her on the int0rn3t. Oops - I slipped.
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Last night, I played a show in Bryant, Washington. Do you know where that is? It's near Mount Vernon, over halfway to Bellingham, almost half the way to Canada. Bryant doesn't have a post office. It has two fire stations, apparently, but no post office.

I, along with my band, played in an old country house with a wood stove for heat and a decrepit barn in the back.

At one point I walked outside and found myself face to face with a big brown and white heiffer. There was a fucking cow in the backyard.

The house is occupied by our singer's sister, Tara. She decided to have a pajama party and wanted her brother's band to play. And play we did. We played our set, and then played most of it again. We did funny versions and silly versions, and some really good versions that we all wish had been captured by some sort of recording medium.

At one point, some jocky guy from yonder pasture passed out and fell face first onto the deck. Unfortunately I did not witness this. The night wound down with Tim and I doing our best godheadSilo impersonation, spontaneously creating songs to serenade the remaining guests - who, I should add, were all passed out by this point.

This morning, I had the pleasure of doing breakfast at Willow & Jim's (something) Cafe, in scenic Silvana, Washington, with Bob (the bassist) and Tara. Bob was still in his pajamas and bathrobe from the night before. We got a few funny looks from the townies. We thought for sure that the Garth Brooks-meets-Corky from Life Goes On-lookin' guy was gonna keel us on account of Bob's appearance and demeanor. But alas, we escaped unscathed.

The food was good, but remind me not to go to Silvana again anytime soon.
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I am currently at the most LJ intensive house known to mankind...including these fine folks:

Kam, Steve, Tasha, Betsy, Jenny, and Shewhocannotbenamed, Jamie, and Jaclyn.

Thank god I didn't have to type all that out. I think I would have gone into a HTML-induced coma.

Steve & I just partook in some absinthe. My throat feels funny now. I don't really like licorice very much.


Next: Pinball playing @ Hi-Score & then The City of Lost Souls at the Egyptian.

Rock 'n' rule!
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Today is me & Anna's technical 1-year anniversary.

I need help - what should I get her (I know I should have thought of this earlier, but we're not really celebrating our anniversary until the 9th when we go to Vancouver, and I haven't found anything cool.)

I need suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

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