May. 1st, 2008 02:25 pm
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After using Kate Tucker's guitar when I was recording last week, I decided that I have to get one of my own. Problem is, I want a black one, which they don't make, and I don't have $1200-$1600 handy to get one even if they did. I can get a Korean-made one for half that, maybe less, but I suspect I'd have to play a bunch to find a decent one. I was in Guitar Center last week and played several Chinese, Korean, and Indonesian-made Epiphones, and none of them were terribly inspiring. Had any of them been set up, or, ya know, tuned by the GC staff, that would have helped.

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Or maybe I should just save my pennies for a limited edition Andy Summers Telecaster. A steal at only $10,500!

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Work is super slow today, so basically I've spent all morning and afternoon looking at guitars on the internest.

So many pretty guitars.

Also: Reggie Watts is on the new Prince Paul record. What?

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ASOW re-entered Soundhouse Recording on Tuesday with musical mensch Jack Endino working the board to resume work on our forthcoming debut album/greatest hits package.

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I feel inexplicably good right now. 'Spose it could just be the coffee. Yeah, it's the coffee.

This is shaping up to be a musical week. Had a good practice with School of Warsaw on Saturday, a good practice with Coriander last night, and I'm playing shows on Wednesday and Friday. I will rock rock till I drop, a la Def Leppard. I think that was Def Leppard who said that. Whatever.

I want a new guitar. And a nice one this time. On Saturday I was playing my cheap-o Strat knockoff, the one where I taped off stripes and painted the pickguard yellow, then peeled off the tape - instant Eddie Van Halen. It looks cool in a cock-rock sort of way, but it's still not a very good instrument. I want a real axe, something preferably not made in a south Asian mass-production facility. I'm cheap though, so I'd need to make payments.

I don't know what I'm thinking. I bought a new amp, and am about to finish paying it off, but it's left me in the poorhouse for five months consecutively.

Maybe I should start slangin' 'caine.
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The show last night was awesome. I was in a less than excited mood before the show, due to my ongoing amplifier difficulties. The amp I ordered last weekend had only made it as far as Illinois and wont show up here until Monday or Tuesday. The amp I was going to borrow as a backup was being used by its owner, which left me in a lurch. Dave and I conspired to borrow one of the Hollowpoints' amps, but due to some dilligent phone calling on Elizabeth's part, and Ziggy's generosity, I got to play through a pristine Marshall JCM900. That thing sounds like buttah. O. M. G. It's amazing what reliable, good sounding equipment can do for one's mood and confidence.

We played first, and we only had half and hour to do our thing. And we did it. The songs in order (I think) were:

A Machine
Suicide Mailbox
Gray Sky
End Of The World
Break It Down
Long Story Short

So yeah, short set, half new songs and half old ones. The soundguy made a CD-R of the show for us. I'll get to hear it later today.

It was kind of an oddball bill. The Malinks played next. I'm not entirely sure how to describe them - a little bit power pop, but in a weird, noisy way (not in a saccharine, Posies sort of way). Their guitarist played through the same amp that I have that died. I wonder if his has given him as much trouble.

I watched the Hollowpoints from the VIP area above the soundguy's booth. They were about to embark on a tour, and came back from Spokane just to play this show. They were loud, fast, and outta control. And the guitarist has a rilly, rilly nice Gretsch. Bastard.

Lastly the Amazombies played. Again, loud and fast, but then the drummer took all his clothes off. I just kept wondering what would happen if he blew a fill and ended up whacking himself with a drumstick. Eeek. Nice folks, they were. At least the guitarist was. She was the only one who talked to any of us, I think.

Anyhow, I'm tired of typing and you're probably tired of reading. Dave and Sean and I are doing a little acoustic thingamabobber tonight. Should be fabu.

ow ow ow

Feb. 20th, 2002 11:49 pm
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hands and feet are sore. trying to figure out what I'm going to write in white paint pen on my guitar (well, one of my guitars - the black Jackson Flying V, aka The Rock Machine). so far it looks like it's going to be Tod zu falschem Metall (German for "death to false metal"). I'm also looking at trying to recreate to front cover of GYBE!'s Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada.
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The Other Ed, not me.

The Other Ed (last name Davis) is finally leaving us for the Big Apple. He had his going away party at Machiavelli last night. There were all sorts of folks in attendance, and Mr. Davis managed to get good and fuckered up (9 or 10 shots of Baker's Bourbon will do that to ya). I took it easy last night, save for the little experiment drink I had - a negroni: gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth. It was sick. Don't ever get one. Blech. Anyway, I got home and went to bed, but kept waking up - once at 3:00, and again at 6:00. So from there I just got up and got ready and came to work. There's something fundamentally wrong with me getting to work early, much less on time.

Oh, and in other news, and continuing with my habit of spending lots of money lately, I bought a new guitar yesterday. After an ordeal getting to Guitar Center yesterday (under the pretense of getting strings for the Global), I was looking around, and they had this neato red De Armond SG-copy for $145.00. How the hell could I pass up a guitar for $145.00?! Especially a new one? I plugged it into some sort of Line 6 combo and rawked out on it for awhile before deciding that I couldn't leave the store without it. While there, I also played 2 reeeeallly expensive Warwick 5-strings, a silver Music Man Sting Ray, and an old beat up Fender Musicmaster bass.

So here's the catch. There always seems to be a catch with Guitar Center.

The De Armond was on clearance. The numbskull who rung me up overcharged me by $35.00, failing to notice the BRIGHT YELLOW CLEARANCE SALE TAG on it that said what the price was. I suppose it's also my fault for not noticing it when he rang up the sale, but I didn't get my receipt until I was on my way out, and I was more concerned about how I was gonna get it home (no car, folks - I had to hoof it.) I noticed the error when I got to my apartment, and called 'em up, and got the same guy who sold me the guitar. He apologized, sort of. I think. Whatever. Now I have to bring the damn thing back, tags still attached, to get a price adjustment. Grrr...

OK. Back to work! Right...
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Last night I was deciding what CDs I was going to bring to work with me today. I dug out my old copy of Living Colour's Vivid. I haven't listened to this in a loooong time. I used to have it on a tape, with E.U.'s Livin' Large on the other side. (I think it was called Livin' Large...E.U. was the DC go-go band that did "Doin' The Butt" that was used in Spike Lee's School Daze.) But I digress. Living Colour was the band that inspired me to start playing bass. Seeing the video for "Cult of Personality" was the first time that I noticed that there were guitar players who did solos, and then there was always that other guy. I couldn't figure out why they held their guitar differently than other guys, and why they played it with their fingers instead of a pick. I think one of my sisters told me that is was a bass guitar. I just thought their bass player (Muzz Skillings) looked cool. I decided at that point that I wanted to be a bass player too.

That was when I was in the 8th grade. The only instruments I was familiar with at the time were turntables, drum machines, and samplers. You'd be hard pressed to find any tapes in my collection that weren't hip-hop. (I did buy the Beastie Boys' Polly Wog Stew not realizing that it was a punk record.) It wasn't until late in the 9th grade that I became able to pick out the individual parts of songs and hear how the guitars and bass and drums and vocals all interacted. (This came from joining the marching band.) It changed the way I listened to music drastically. From that point onward I could never listen to a song and not pick it apart. All the music I listened to as a kid reopened to me. I listened to ...And Justice For All and realized you couldn't really hear Jason Newsted anyway.

It was about this time that I also picked up the shitty little Peavy bass that was in my high schools band room and started messing around with it. (I think it was made out of pressboard or something.) I couldn't play anything, so I just tuned the strings to how I thought sounded good and pounded on it. It wasn't until junior year that I actually started playing with any regularity. Fast forward 8 years, and I still can't play like Muzz Skillings. Or Doug Wimbish, the NY session guy who joined after Living Colour parted company with Mr. Skillings. Wimbish is a badass too. And I had just missed seeing Vernon Reid (the guitarist) at the Knitting Factory by one night last time I was in Noo Yawk.

Just thought I'd share.

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