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Anyone doing the Ballard Party tomorrow?

Who wants to see Common Market at 7:00 AM (?!?) at Cupcake Royale? (Not me. Not at 7:00 anyway.)

Actually, I'm not wild about too many of the bands playing except for Shim and the Maldives, who are playing at the same time. Are Arthur & Yu good? Cloud Cult?

I like the whole Block Party model, but they really should take after SXSW and get some corporate sponsors to give away free booze.


Feb. 11th, 2008 02:22 pm
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KEXP & Radio New York: Radio Liberation coming March 24

1:19pm Today
For immediate release – Feb. 11, 2008

KEXP and Radio New York liberate listeners from the norm

SEATTLE – KEXP, Seattle’s listener-supported radio station, and Radio New York 91.5 FM, the city’s public radio station, announced today that they are joining forces to create Radio Liberation, an unprecedented partnership dedicated to listeners and independent music.

Beginning on March 24, 2008, Radio Liberation will air KEXP-produced programming Monday through Friday on Radio New York 91.5 FM. The programming will feature a three-hour drive-time eclectic music show followed by three simulcast hours of The Morning Show with John Richards, a nightly world music show and a weekly music variety show hosted by KEXP DJ and senior director of programming Kevin Cole.
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Vol. 31 Track Listing
1. Big Business - O.G.
2. Murder City Devils - Idle Hands
3. The Lights - Saint Patrick's Day
4. Kiss Her For the Kid - You Kill Me
5. The Heavy Hearts - Spit When You Say My Name
6. Coconut Coolouts - Party Jail
7. Gas Huffer - Midnight at the Apollo 13
8. American School of Warsaw - Surrounded by Sharks
9. Comets on Fire - Holy Teeth
10. Boris - Pink
11. Playing Enemy - John Q Russia (live at KEXP)
12. Bloodhag - James Blish (live at KEXP)
13. Me Infecto - Hearts Inside Bodies Hide

Go git it.

Random trivia: This marks the third(?) time ASOW's ended up on some sort of compilation with Blöödhäg, despite our two bands bearing zero resemblance, either physically or musically.
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They're playing "In The Air", like, right this very goddam second.

Hoooleee sjhit.
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I just had a nice conversation with one Mr. John Richards, also known as John In The Morning, disk jockey extrodinaire on your favorite radio station and mine, KEXP. John is subbing for Don, the program director while he's on vacation. We spoke mainly of bands, bad bands that send their bad CDs to the station, bad goth bands that have their friends constantly harass DJs to get said bad goth band's CD played, and holier-than-thou local papers that publish poorly written and researched articles on the station. I also recommended some CDs to him to be considered for airplay (see my last post).

Anyhow, John is a very nice guy. I'm hoping to get to talk to him again next week, and maybe pick his brain about more stuff.

Got some new CDs from the station, including Trust No One by Dave Navarro.
Yep, that Dave Navarro - his first solo effort (I think). Interesting that both he and Perry Ferell have new records out...hmmmm...
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I just discovered that a bunch of letters I had a co-worker do for me were done wrong. They're gonna have to be redone. And they're due by 11. But...John is playing some
fuckin' KARP!

Had they not broken up, they would have been the future of Oly-core metal. Oh well.
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John Richards comes through yet once again: I get on the bus this morning and the first thing I hear when I put on my headphones is Godspeed You Black Emperor ("Storm"). Later, we got Luna's version of Serge Gainsbourg's "Bonnie & Clyde" (One of the few Luna songs I like...I thought Penthouse sorta sucked). Then to top it off, "Bill Gates Must Die" by John Vanderslice. I love KCMU.

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