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There's a big, silly picture of me (and bandmates) in the Weekly this week. It's from a set we did in a vacant lot in Williamsburg. The photos all looked good, but I hate this particular picture because I was going on about three hours of sleep, hadn't shaved, and I look like I have a massive double chin.

We're playing the Weekly's Reverb Fest this Saturday. We're at the Tractor, on at 5:30 PM, so all you old fogeys can come see us and still make it home in time for Project Runway or whatever. I'm irritated that most of the bands I want to see are either playing at the same time we are (Sage) or against each other (Guns & Rosetti vs. Red Jacket Mine).

I procured Les Années Psychédéliques, a selection of Serge Gainsbourg's output between 1966 and 1971. Some of the tunes I'd heard before, but most of them were new to me. Holy shit, it's rad. Funk banjo. Beleedat.

Also, why did I sleep on Girl Talk for so long? I always thought I'd do something like that if I were more ambitious/patient/high.
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Man, we killed it last night. All the bands were good (Grand Hallway were stupid good), and there were a ton of people there. We played really well; I suppose all that practicing and gigging is paying off. Several shots materialized before me over the course of the evening, and they may still be with me. Late nite noshing at Ocho was in order. I rolled my right ankle on the way there. Ow.

Our next show is Bumbershoot, where there will be significantly more people.
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I'm sunburnt, dehydrated, and mostly deaf (forgot my earplugs), but having a hell of a time. We played at some shit-ass frat boy bar that they converted into a venue for the festival. There was a video loop of people surfing and  doing 'extreme' sports being projected on the wall right next to me the whole time. We played well. all things considered (first act of the night, borrowed equipment, bad sound mix, nerves in general). There were lots of people there, from what I could tell.

I've seen some good acts tonight - Saint Bernadette, Graveyard, the Ting Tings (who took waaaaay too long to set up), and The Sword performing Faith No More's The Real Thing in its entirety. And I got to meet Nic Harcourt. Briefly.

Shit - I've got a full week of this to do. Zoinks.

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