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I heart Mogwai.

PS: i just noticed that this makes my 1,501st entry. That's all.
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If I had enough room, maybe I'd pick my top 10 favorite albums, and use the covers for my user pics.

But I won't, because I know you'd all be heartbroken by not seeing my purdy face ev'ry day, now wouldn't 'cha?
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Dear Edmund,

Just a quick email to let you know that your order has been dispatched
full today. Approximate delivery times are as follows:

UK - 1st Class post = 1 working day
Europe - Airmail = 3-5 working days
North America - Airmail = 5-7 working days
Rest of the World - Airmail = 7-10 working days

If you have any further queries relating to your order, please do not
hesitate to email us at shop@banchory.net. Thanks again for your custom
and we hope you enjoy the items!

all of us @ Banchory.

Yay! I'm getting this to be exact. I suppose I prolly could have found it domestically, but I like getting mail from overseas. Not that that happens, ever.
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this is a wee message to the bawbag that stole our robocop at the brighton show on the last british tour that wee did. you are a fanny. we canny play superheroes of bmx because of your theivery you fucking tit, give it back! i have friends in brighton who will hunt you down you cunt. do yourself a favour and send it to the po box and save yourself a lifetime of pain and suffering. wank

I like these guys. A lot. Even more now that I know they're Glasgow Celtic fans too.

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