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I realized that I forgot to post about my show last Friday. Me an' the boys ventured up to the cultural center of Whatcom County, Bellingham, for our big show at the legendary 3B Tavern. (Anyone familiar with Estrus Records has probably been there or at least heard of it.) Traffic heading up there sucked assx0rs, and I managed to burn my leg - a leaking Zippo in my left front pocket allowed a decent amount of lighter fluid to leech into my skin, causing a pretty nasty welt, and the bizarre sensation of my skin being on fire when it wasn't. Anyhoo, skin lesions aside, we got up there, and per the usual, had to wait around for several hours before the action began.

The downtime wasn't without its advantages, however. It gave us time to imbibe several of the free band beers, and to chat with the folks from the other bands. I had heard varying reports on the demeanor of one Kim Warnick (of Fastbacks fame), but truth is she's probably one of the nicest people (in a band) I've ever met. She's been road tested and fan approved, and was totally cool. Ben, Visqueen's drummist, was also a very nice fella. I didn't get to meet Rachel, as she didn't even show up until showtime.

The Alien Crime Syndicate guys showed up a little before we went on, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that my homeslice Mike is now playing gee-tar for them. (I bought an amp from the shop where Mike used to work, and then about a week later, our bands ended up playing at the Capitol Hill Block Party. Then he got a job at my work. Koo-koo!) So, we all shot the shiz for a while until it was time to start.

We were on first, and despite a couple of technical difficulties, we wrecked the place. Seriously. We were firing on all cylendars. I was bleeding from the fingers by the time we stopped. It was our last show with Jesse from Flowmotion filling in on bass, and it was a fitting exit.

ACS was on next, and they totally won me over with their stage presence. They are consummate showmen, and have the rock star thing down.

Finally, Visqueen took the stage, and bowled everyone over with a wave of pop (in a good way) rawk. Rachel had the crowd in the palm of her hand. Totally awesome.

Hopefully we'll get to play with these folks again. We're going to check out Orbit Audio tomorrow. Orbit is the place co-operated by Joe from ACS, and there's been some talk of having us record some material there. We'll see about that...
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LJ is being weird tonight.

Yesterday, I made the röck with the band, and then we went, as a group, to The Stanwood Hotel for more 40 ounce PBR madness. In attendance was one Mr. Van Conner, late of Northwest grünge stalwarts The Screaming Trees. From behind, he looks just like our old drummer. Weird.

I came out relatively unscathed, but I cannot say the same for my bandmates, who were all nursing severe hangovers.

Haw haw.
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Well, not exactly.

Here's the deal. In a previous post, I mentioned that Johnny Rotten's dad was from the same town in Ireland that my dad was from. (That town is called Tuam, in Co. Galway).

Anyway, while having lunch with my pops yesterday, I asked him if he knew the Lydon family. Indeed he did - they basically lived around the corner from the O'Briens (my family). He remembered the name of the road and everything. Apparently my aunt Eleanor used to pal around with one of the Lydon girls (which would have been one of little Johny's aunts).

The plot thickens...
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OK, so it's a little weird to be thumbing through some piece of national media (in this case SPIN magazine) and see a feature on someone you know.

There's an article about a band called The Moldy Peaches featuring none other than one Kimya Dawson, who stayed at my house in Wallingford for awhile back in 1997. She was friends with Patty (my roommate at the time), and needed a place to crash. Apparently Justin Trosper from Unwound had a thing for her (she had his drivers license for some reason). We hung out a couple of times...Patty thought I should "go for her". I didn't - I thought she was too old for me (she was, like, 24 or something) . I knever knew what happened to her...I think the last I heard was that she had gone back to Olympia (which turns out to be true, according to the article).

Now here she is wedged amongst ads and articles with Mark Wahlberg, Shaquille O'Neal, and Moby. Weird. Heh.
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Last night: Ended up at Machiavelli, where I 1) caught up with Suzette, 2) ran into Jordan & Sara...Jordan & Andy apparently have gone their separate ways, 3) had a little conversation with Shawn Smith (of Satchel/Brad/Pigeonhed fame), 4) had my stool stolen by Marc Olsen (not the guy from the Jayhawks, but the local singer-songwriter guy who used to be in Sage), 5) got hit on by a woman who had been sitting at the bar by herself most of the night...I tried to be polite, and when I informed her that I was involved, she quickly exited the premises. Then I sat there and talked to Suzette until nearly 4 AM.

I woke up at 11 this morning, in bed, with all of my clothes and my shoes still on. Heh.

Today: fun and frolic on Broadway, and a birthday party at Kalthoff Manor for the Kalthoff child.

The girl is off tonight for an all-grrrls event at a downtown hotel.

Tomorrow: the girl comes and gets me at 9, and we go do yoga. This should be interesting. I'm looking forward to it - I would like to get in shape - really. I think. Yeah, I do. So with that, I'm going to finish my beer and go to bed :)
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Had a hell of a night. Met up with [livejournal.com profile] imasage at le Crocodile for some booze and a little meet & greet. She had the honor of being the 18th LJ user I've met in the last 2 months. Yowza. We did some more pre-func'ing at the Lava Lounge with [livejournal.com profile] sillyape & Wezendy and some other folks. From there we went to Bryan's apartment and rocked out to some fly ass shiz courtesy of Dj Z-Trip & DJ P...good lawd dats some gooood shiz.

Anyhoo, back to the Croc: reconveined with [livejournal.com profile] bizetsy & [livejournal.com profile] rockstarbob, where we sat through maybe an hour & a half of bland dj muzak. Finally, at 11:30, the man of the hour, the tower of power, too sweet to be sour Mr. M. Doughty took the stage.

He ran through several Soul Coughing tunes, and then a Mary J. fucking Blige cover (which, funny enough, I had just heard on KUBE's Old School Lunch earlier that day), then some solo stuff, then more Soul Coughing stuff , back and forth. He also through in bits of the Backstreet Boys, Cornershop, and Tonic? Or was is Matchbox 20? I don't know, all those fucking bands sound the same.

About halfway through his set, Doughty revealed to the audience that he had to pee. Apparently he had to pee really bad. He asked if anyone in the audience gould play guitar, and if they would just play an E chord whilst he urinated. A guy wearing a shirt that said "I AM AN OPERA SINGER" got up on stage and took the guitar. I yelled at him to play "Iron Man", which he did for a moment. He then apparently decided to relinquish control of the stage to someone else.

Next thing I know, I'm climbing over the monitors and taking the guitar from Opera Singer. Just as I was getting ready to rock out, Doughty walked back out on stage and shot me a look that said "Er, what the hell are you doing?". I managed to get out a totally bitchen E minor and a "Thank you, good night" before I gave the man his guitar back.

I realized this morning that I have a bruise on my shin from pulling myself up on stage.

Woo. The rest of the show was great, save for the fucking retarded jackasses behind us who refused to shut up, even after being admonished from the stage and by other folks in attendance. Doughty thanked the Opera Guy and me twice. Neat.

I hate hecklers. If you're gonna do it, do it well. Don't wait until you've gotten so drunk that everything comes out sounding like you're ...really drunk. Fucking pricks.
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I just had a nice conversation with one Mr. John Richards, also known as John In The Morning, disk jockey extrodinaire on your favorite radio station and mine, KEXP. John is subbing for Don, the program director while he's on vacation. We spoke mainly of bands, bad bands that send their bad CDs to the station, bad goth bands that have their friends constantly harass DJs to get said bad goth band's CD played, and holier-than-thou local papers that publish poorly written and researched articles on the station. I also recommended some CDs to him to be considered for airplay (see my last post).

Anyhow, John is a very nice guy. I'm hoping to get to talk to him again next week, and maybe pick his brain about more stuff.

Got some new CDs from the station, including Trust No One by Dave Navarro.
Yep, that Dave Navarro - his first solo effort (I think). Interesting that both he and Perry Ferell have new records out...hmmmm...

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