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Come to High Dive in Fremont for awesome rock show on Tomorrow!! Lots of good rocking and sweet musics! Yes!

American School of Warsaw

doors 9:30

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I'm deadlining the Comet tonight. We will probably be drunk by the time we play, so you should definitely come and see. Also, Magneto is really good.

American School of Warsaw
Japan Air Transfer

Comet Tavern
922 E Pike St.

9:00 PM/21+/$ low

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They like us! Hell, they like me! The rhythm section don't ever get no love.


Feb. 25th, 2005 04:31 pm
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Come on, feel the noize.
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The TIG Imaginary Wedding thinger last night was a hoot. Supposedly all of the ASOW boys were on the list. Turns out only Sean was on the list - but he was too hungover to go, so I pretended to be him and got in for free anyway. [livejournal.com profile] veganguy and his chica and Frida all came too. And as an added bonus, original ASOW bassist Larry & his lady Tiffany were in the house. I caught the last song by Math and Physics Club, who seemed...I dunno. It was a cover, so I have no idea what they actually sound like. I somehow managed to miss Pleasurecraft, which is too bad, 'cuz they were awesome at the Guns N' Roses tribute night a while back. The Jeunes were awesome, and I think they and Key Note would play nicely together. And their bass player was hot in a tall, intimidating librarian sort of way. They were all tall. Weird. We didn't last for Tennis Pro, but KNS is playing with them in a few weeks, so we'll make up for it then.

I'm at work today to make a little extra cash, but it's so nice outside, I think I'm going to leave early. Oh, and I got here two hours later than normal. Slack attack!!
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American School of Warsaw: We're back in the saddle again. We've brought longtime ASOW supporter Mark Wardell on board to fill the bass chair, in effect making him ASOW bassist number...7? 8? Fuck, I don't even know now. We've been working on some new tunes and plan on playing a ton this year.

Key Note Speaker: We have a show on Friday. I stole this pretty much wholesale from [livejournal.com profile] veganguy:

What: Key Note Speaker (formerly Coriander) Birfday Bash!!

Where: The Dubliner 3515 Fremont Ave N Seattle, WA 98103-8813

Why: 'Cuz it's Joe the drummer and my birthdays! And we're playing music for YOU! So it's a win-win! Get drunk! Get us drunk!

Anything else?: Check out the new website!

Album should be in our hands in about a week or so. It'll be available in record stores around Seattle, and on CD Baby!

OK, see yous on Friday!

We also have a couple of new songs, and maybe a cover or two, that we'll be unleashing on people. We're playing with Kate Tucker, who's pretty rad, and I think Scott is playing drums with her band. It'll be a good time!
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[livejournal.com profile] veganguy and I will be making the sweet rock-a-rolla. What else are ya gonna do on a Wednesday night?

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FYI: The Ruby Doe are the sheeze.

Davey & I went and saw them at the Sunset on Saturday. Totally freaking awesome. The opening band, Hell Promise, was pretty awesome too. Straight up metal. The headliners, The Spits, were very...um, Ramones-y, but with keyboards. There was a full-on, beer-spitting, cup-throwing mosh pit happening during their set. At the Sunset. Blah. I though moshing was cool - when I was 15. Being that everyone in the venue had to have been at least 21, I thought they'd be over that shit by now. Whatever. It was still a fun show.

Also: American School of Warsaw still needs a permanent bass player. If anyone knows anybody in the greater Seattle/north King County/south-central Snohomish county area who can play, let us know. We have shows, we have recordings, and we're all nice guys. Please help!
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I realized that I forgot to post about my show last Friday. Me an' the boys ventured up to the cultural center of Whatcom County, Bellingham, for our big show at the legendary 3B Tavern. (Anyone familiar with Estrus Records has probably been there or at least heard of it.) Traffic heading up there sucked assx0rs, and I managed to burn my leg - a leaking Zippo in my left front pocket allowed a decent amount of lighter fluid to leech into my skin, causing a pretty nasty welt, and the bizarre sensation of my skin being on fire when it wasn't. Anyhoo, skin lesions aside, we got up there, and per the usual, had to wait around for several hours before the action began.

The downtime wasn't without its advantages, however. It gave us time to imbibe several of the free band beers, and to chat with the folks from the other bands. I had heard varying reports on the demeanor of one Kim Warnick (of Fastbacks fame), but truth is she's probably one of the nicest people (in a band) I've ever met. She's been road tested and fan approved, and was totally cool. Ben, Visqueen's drummist, was also a very nice fella. I didn't get to meet Rachel, as she didn't even show up until showtime.

The Alien Crime Syndicate guys showed up a little before we went on, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that my homeslice Mike is now playing gee-tar for them. (I bought an amp from the shop where Mike used to work, and then about a week later, our bands ended up playing at the Capitol Hill Block Party. Then he got a job at my work. Koo-koo!) So, we all shot the shiz for a while until it was time to start.

We were on first, and despite a couple of technical difficulties, we wrecked the place. Seriously. We were firing on all cylendars. I was bleeding from the fingers by the time we stopped. It was our last show with Jesse from Flowmotion filling in on bass, and it was a fitting exit.

ACS was on next, and they totally won me over with their stage presence. They are consummate showmen, and have the rock star thing down.

Finally, Visqueen took the stage, and bowled everyone over with a wave of pop (in a good way) rawk. Rachel had the crowd in the palm of her hand. Totally awesome.

Hopefully we'll get to play with these folks again. We're going to check out Orbit Audio tomorrow. Orbit is the place co-operated by Joe from ACS, and there's been some talk of having us record some material there. We'll see about that...
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Anyone looking for post-New Year's activities is hereby invited to come see the American School Of Warsaw at Studio Seven on 1/2/04. It's a Friday, so I don't wanna hear any excuses.

A little farther out, anyone wanting to take a field trip up to Bellingham should do so on February 13, where we'll be playing at the 3B with Alien Crime Syndicate & Visqueen. This is on a Friday too. It should be a rocktastic time.
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Went to the Lava last night, as [livejournal.com profile] sillyape was DJing his little heart out (thanks for the School of Warsaw spin, holmes). Got to see lots o' peeps (Tasha, the Hippie, Jenna, Scott, et al). T'was awesome, but I had to split early.

Today I'm playing in Port Orchard at J.A. Michaels (as I understand it, the premiere [read: only] nightspot in Port Orchard). Kitsap represent. Or something.

Oh yeah. I turned 27 today. Shit.
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On Tuesday, 12/2, the merry minstrels of the American School of Warsaw and I will be performing at thee Chop Suey (1325 E. Madison), along with [livejournal.com profile] braksandwich's group The Senate Arcade, and Post-Stardom Depression. It's $6.00, show starts at 9:00 (we're opening), 21+, all the usual stuff. It's going to be an absolutely smokin' show. Be there.
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Clem Snide is the shizzle. Saw 'em Saturday night at the Croc with Anna, Elizabeth, and two guys named Mike. I'd listened to them a few times in the past, but seeing them live totally blew me away. But I'll get to that in a second.

Dear John Letters were first. Their singer, Robb Benson, used to be in a great band called the Nevada Bachelors. A looooooooong time ago, my old band (Six Day Affair) played at a now defunct bar called Mad Dogs in Greenwood (it's an Irish bar now, I think). Whoever was supposed to open for us backed out at the last minute, and somehow the Bachelors stepped in and played an awesome set. No one knew these guys from Adam at the time, but not too long after, they hooked up with Carrie Akre (of Hammerbox/Goodness fame) and started getting some higher profile gigs. They recorded two albums (I think), were poised for greatness - and then they broke up. Robb reemerged with the Dear John Letters, much in the same vein as the Bachelors, but not quite as power-poppy. Quite good, I must say.

Next: KEXP favorites The Long Winters. I had heard a few songs before, and I can't say I thought much of them. Live, they had a lot more presence and a lot more oompf. And that guy from Harvey Danger that writes for the Stranger is in it. They were good too. I couldn't really actually see them from where I was, but they sounded a'ight.

Last but not least: Clem Snide. OMFUG. A little bit country, a whole lotta other stuff. Their guitarist was a freaking monster. He only played regular guitar about half the time. The rest of the time he was playing a baritone guitar, or a euphonium, or a banjo with a violin bow. They broke out into a bit of "War Pigs" here, some "Bad Boy For Life" there, and passed a guitar out into the crowd for a prole-solo during the encore. Man alive. If they come through your town, go see them.

Other gnus: Sean came over night before last and we worked on some new shizzle. It's ok when the singer starts writing songs, but it reminds me of a joke:

What did the drummer say to get fired from his band?

"Hey guys, let's try one of my songs..."
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The show last night was awesome. I was in a less than excited mood before the show, due to my ongoing amplifier difficulties. The amp I ordered last weekend had only made it as far as Illinois and wont show up here until Monday or Tuesday. The amp I was going to borrow as a backup was being used by its owner, which left me in a lurch. Dave and I conspired to borrow one of the Hollowpoints' amps, but due to some dilligent phone calling on Elizabeth's part, and Ziggy's generosity, I got to play through a pristine Marshall JCM900. That thing sounds like buttah. O. M. G. It's amazing what reliable, good sounding equipment can do for one's mood and confidence.

We played first, and we only had half and hour to do our thing. And we did it. The songs in order (I think) were:

A Machine
Suicide Mailbox
Gray Sky
End Of The World
Break It Down
Long Story Short

So yeah, short set, half new songs and half old ones. The soundguy made a CD-R of the show for us. I'll get to hear it later today.

It was kind of an oddball bill. The Malinks played next. I'm not entirely sure how to describe them - a little bit power pop, but in a weird, noisy way (not in a saccharine, Posies sort of way). Their guitarist played through the same amp that I have that died. I wonder if his has given him as much trouble.

I watched the Hollowpoints from the VIP area above the soundguy's booth. They were about to embark on a tour, and came back from Spokane just to play this show. They were loud, fast, and outta control. And the guitarist has a rilly, rilly nice Gretsch. Bastard.

Lastly the Amazombies played. Again, loud and fast, but then the drummer took all his clothes off. I just kept wondering what would happen if he blew a fill and ended up whacking himself with a drumstick. Eeek. Nice folks, they were. At least the guitarist was. She was the only one who talked to any of us, I think.

Anyhow, I'm tired of typing and you're probably tired of reading. Dave and Sean and I are doing a little acoustic thingamabobber tonight. Should be fabu.
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So...on the 4th of July, before you go watch the fireworks, you should come see my band play at the Crocodile Cafe. We're the opening salvo in what I'm sure will be a rocking show, with the Malinks and the Amazombies. So come, get your sweve on, and rock out before going to watch shit blow up. The Croc is in Belltown, so all you have to do is step outside to see the Elliot Bay show anyway.
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Pretty much have another song written & 4-tracked. Both of my basses are up at Tim's place, so I ended up doing the bass parts on guitar through my bass synth pedal's octave down patch. I got this unintentionally R&B-keyboard sounding bass part that I think I might end up keeping - the song itself has this sorta folk-country vibe, so it's an odd pairing.

American School of Warsaw has a new bass player - I think. His name is Spencer, and he came to practice the other day, having learned 10 songs off of our CD in about a week. For that reason alone, I think he's a keeper. Now maybe our Spinal Tap-like revolving bass chair will finally stop spinning for good. In a year and a half, we've been through four bassists (including me). I see good things ahead, like...

Our show at Chop Suey on June 2nd, with Enders of Ozone & Lo-Fi Fiction. We need lots of people to show up, and we're offering an incentive - free CDs. I don't know how many we'll be giving out, but if you're a slacker and haven't bought one yet, bring yer freeloadin' ass down there and check it out. And bring your friends.
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Cold kicking it with [livejournal.com profile] veganguy and his kidlet at the moment.

The event last night went swimmingly. Lots of people came, and Hisham sold four paintings. We rocked the casbah as usual, despite 4 out of 5 band members probably having consumed too many beerth, thusly causing some interesting reinterpretations of selections from our repertoire. Tennis Pro also played, and I thought they were fantastic - almost as good as us. They kinda had this Beach Boys-run-through-a-Slayer-filter-kinda-thing. Heavy preppy, for lack of a better term - but that term is pretty good, so I'll stick with it. We plan on doing it again soon. So those of you who didn't come, you will get a chance to redeem yourself.
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Yesterday I watched movies and made movies. Sorta. I went and saw X2. It was fun, kinda clunky in spots, and they didn't develop the characters enough, but it was still pretty neat. Then I walked around Ballard and the waterfront videotaping stuff for a proposed video collage that I will be doing with the ringleader of this event. later I met up with Senor Vegan at El Camino for a drinky poo.

In other news: we have a bunch of shows coming up, and we still need a goddam bass player (Ed, our temporary bassist, can't be down for the long haul). So if you're a bassist, have your own gear, and can play more than "Smoke On The Water", send us an email and let us know.
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The battle continues.

What I was going to say about the show last night: Jen and I skipped out on most of Fly Pan Am's set in favor of Indian food. We caught their last two songs, and from what Ziggy told me later, the last two songs were about the only good part.

Do Make Say Think had quite the draw. There were more people in the Paradox than I think I'd ever seen before. We copped a squat on the floor stage right (next to the man himself, DJ Riz) and were treated to about an hour's worth of the finest psych-rock Canada has to offer.

There was ample instrument switching going on within the band. The bassist also played trumpet, and guitar on a song; one guitarist played alto sax and flute, and bass on a song; the other gutarist (on a 5 string guitar, no less) played keyboards a few times; and there was another guy who split his time solely between sax and keyboards. The only constant in the band was the drummer. Well, actually, the drummers - there were two of them. They all played their parts deftly, doing a great job of recreating the sound of their records, but without sounding sterile.

A few observations: Warning: Muso band wanker speak ahead... )

I'd really like a shower. Ick.
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I was on Capitol Hill, and I ran into Peter, who some of you might remember from the Monkeyhaus (and really, how could you forget?) Peter let me in on a little (not-so) secret: there was going to be a quasi-KARP reunion at the Re-Bar that night for Pho Bang (probably the only place in the country to bring together indie rock hipsters and drag queens). Fucking KARP! Buuuuut...not. They're now known as The Whip, and their guitarist is none other than Joe Preston from The Melvins.

The show rocked. They sound pretty much exactly like KARP, which is fine by me. I ended up hanging out with Peter and Liz Green, a woman I met when I was 17 and she was a waitress at Moe's (R.I.P.) and have had a crush on ever since. Of course she's married now (to the guitarist from Voyager One, a band I think is pretty nifty). Bah. She's really really nice. A little too nice? Nah...she did give The Whip's drummer a big ol' smooch on the cheek though. Anyhoo, I got lots of pictures, and maybe I will share them with you, no?

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