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I got to see John Zorn's Moonchild at the Moore last night. (Thanks Lele!) I knew what I was getting into, but I think a lot of the Earshot Festival people didn't. And those were the people who made a beeline for the door after just a couple of tunes.

It was loud. Probably the loudest, sweatiest, phlegmiest, least "jazz" thing to happen at the whole festival. Bass, drums, vocals - that's it. Joey Baron was rocking an enormo drum kit, and Trevor Dunn's Ampeg fridge supplied the brown notes. Patton stuck the mic in his mouth and did his best Tasmanian Devil impression. There were moments of brutality and of beauty. There was a lot of uncomfortable laughter peppered throughout the crowd. As is the case with experimental music, not everything worked, but after awhile I found myself analyzing it less and just going along for the ride.

I'm guessing most of the crowd came to see Mike Patton. I like Mike Patton, but I was (and am) a Zorn fan first and foremost. Zorn doesn't actually play anything in Moonchild, but he did come out at the encore to direct an improv piece (a la Cobra). It was great to finally see the guy in action after missing every other performance he's done in town.

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I'm playing a show at the Skylark in West Seattle tonight. I know that that's the moon the outer banks of the solar system, but the Skylark is cool. They have really good food, and Key Note is playing, and Megasapien is playing, and they're really good, and you should come so I'm not lonely.

It's cold. I'm wanting for thunder and lightning. Very very fright'ning.

I've been listening to Explosions In The Sky's "Your Hand In Mine" non-stop. I had it in my head when I went to bed last night, and when I woke up, and on my way to work today. It's a really pretty song.

I have more things I want to tell you, but I don't know how. So for now, I'll distract myself with kittens:

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I was going to write an expanded version of my experience at Rock Lottery on Saturday, but my bandmate-for-the-day Levi already did it, and better than I could have.

Levi Fuller on Rock Lottery 3: )
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I had a lot of fun last night. The Croc wasn't nearly as hot as I thought it would be, but that didn't prevent me from sweating off about 5 lbs. over the course of the night. The other bands were cool - the Love Lights were kinda Stones-y, but augmented with a horn section, and Invention had some sort of Interpol vibe going. Well, their coordinated vests-and-ties did anyway. And we made a little scrilla while we were at it.

I'm starting to freak a little about Rock Lottery. I want it to be really good, you know?

The Stranger did a big article about it. My favorite quote: "It makes sense that they call this thing the Rock Lottery—for the musicians in it, the odds are terrible." Ha!
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We're closing out this thing tonight:

Pat 'Explone' Porter and I rejoin Megasapien for one night (and one song) only tonight at the Croc.  It's for a good cause and stuff. 

Unfortunately, I have to be at a doctor's appointment at 9:00 AM the next day.  That is going to suck.

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