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My day yesterday began with making an appearance at my brother's houswarming party. I got to see several of my nieces and nephews and brothers-in-law and sisters and whatnot. From there it was straight to Sean and Bob's crib for some serious American School Of Warsaw recording action. I got through a few songs before we called it a day.

For the evening's entertainment, we drove out to Stanwood (right before you get to Camano Island) to go to the Stanwood Hotel - a punk rock bar in the middle of redneck hell. This place was amazing - the bands that played were tolerable, as was the crowd, and they had a decent jukebox. And to top it off, they served 40s of Pabst for $5.00.. Splendid.

We went back to the house and crashed pretty quickly thereafter. Today was more recording, a little songwriting, and a little pizza eating, and beer drinking, and baseball watching. I am now home, tired, unshowered, and in kind of a bad mood. (It could be that the bad mood is directly tied to the tired and unshowered bits.)


Wacky day

Mar. 25th, 2002 07:29 pm
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Went up to Bauhaus to write the letters I've been needing to write for awhile. Ran into my former fellow Nordbot Bryley, and brought her up to date on the goings-on in my life. A little later, I saw another person I used to work with at nordstrom.com.

It started getting windy, so I went inside and went upstairs. I brushed by this kinda hippie looking girl sitting at a side table. I put my things down and looked over. It was my niece. Well, stepniece, technically, but whatever. My sister married her dad 10 years ago, so she's my niece. Anyway, I knew that she had moved from Tacoma to Capitol Hill and was going to high school somewhere around here. Lo and behold, I got to ask her all about it.

We hung out there for a good long while. I got to hear about school, music, her life in Seattle, and her plans for the future. I never really got to hang out with my siblings or cousins when I was her age, and it seemed like she opened up to me, at least a little. That was a really good feeling. Plus, I introduced her to some of the Bauhaus employees. Just trying to get my family the free coffee hookup, ya know?

Anyway, I drank too much of said coffee, and so now I'll probably be awake all night.

I'ma go eat me some stuffin'.


Mar. 23rd, 2002 06:33 pm
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As of this afternoon. I have a new sister-in-law, and the family has expanded yet once again.

This is my first sister-in-law. This is the first time that phrase has crossed my lips. Her family is great. Not all of my family was present, on account of the ongoing beef between my sisters and our dad. Feh. Nice small service at a new in-law's house in Wedgwood. Unitarian (or something) minister, simple gold bands, really good cake and champagne. In fact, the first thing that went into my gullet today was that champagne. Damn.

Tonight, I must venture out to rural Snohomish county to play music with my band. Wish me luck.
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Boutsta go kick it with my brother. Haven't seen him since Xmas.



Jan. 29th, 2001 02:06 pm
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So I just got some exciting news...my sister Katie is preggers! I'm gonna be an uncle. Again. For the fifth time now. (That's five children between my three sisters, not five for one.) Now it's only me and my brother who are childless. And I'm ok with that. I ain't in no rush to be no baby daddy, thank you. But I'm excited for my sister. Yay. That's one interesting thing in my extended family. Whenever someone dies, someone is born. Our grandmother passed away a few months ago, and now here comes a little one. Veddy interesting.
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Yeah, I know - no more Kingdome. I guess all the monster truck rallys have to go tp the Tacoma Dome now. Oh well. When I was a senoir in high school, I tried to sponsor a class trip to the monster truck rally. It didn't fly.

I'm going over to my brother's crib this afternoon to drink shite beer and watch the Super Bowl. The whole thing is more about drinking shite beer than watching football. Neither of us are big sports fans. I don't really like either of the teams that are playing. I guess I'll root for the NY Giants (event though they play in New Jersey). The one cool thing about the Baltimore Ravens, though, is that they were named after the Edgar Allen Poe poem The Raven. It's nice to see that art and literature has some influence on the machismo-drenched juggernaut that is professional sports.

Anyway, I went out to T.S. McHugh's for Chris & Michaela's joint birthday shindig last night. Much merriment was made by all in attendance.

Word. I'd keep writing, but I gotta go potty.

(PS: Stacy - I spaced and forgot to email ya like I said I was gonna. Please accept my apologies. I thought I'd tell ya I found a used copy of that Neko Case CD. It's very...um, country. Good tho'.)

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