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I think I need some intervention. I've had basketball on all morning. I'm still not entirely comfortable with my conversion into a casual sports fan. I call myself that with much consternation. I admit that I like sports the same way someone admits liking boy bands, or Barney, or having a fetish for eyebrows with lines shaved in them. You know there are other people like that out there, but you'd never want to admit that you're one of them. I'm an artiste dammit, not a Budweiser-swilling, Cheetos-eating, boxer-short-on-the-recliner-wearing, profanity-screaming-at-the-TV kinda guy. I drink french press coffee and eat fritattas when the game's on.

But really, I'll be content when baseball season starts. I can actually justify my liking of that sport over all others (not saying it's better than others, but just that I like it better). Less ego in baseball, I think.
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Yeah, I know - no more Kingdome. I guess all the monster truck rallys have to go tp the Tacoma Dome now. Oh well. When I was a senoir in high school, I tried to sponsor a class trip to the monster truck rally. It didn't fly.

I'm going over to my brother's crib this afternoon to drink shite beer and watch the Super Bowl. The whole thing is more about drinking shite beer than watching football. Neither of us are big sports fans. I don't really like either of the teams that are playing. I guess I'll root for the NY Giants (event though they play in New Jersey). The one cool thing about the Baltimore Ravens, though, is that they were named after the Edgar Allen Poe poem The Raven. It's nice to see that art and literature has some influence on the machismo-drenched juggernaut that is professional sports.

Anyway, I went out to T.S. McHugh's for Chris & Michaela's joint birthday shindig last night. Much merriment was made by all in attendance.

Word. I'd keep writing, but I gotta go potty.

(PS: Stacy - I spaced and forgot to email ya like I said I was gonna. Please accept my apologies. I thought I'd tell ya I found a used copy of that Neko Case CD. It's very...um, country. Good tho'.)
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Get to go to a Mariner's game for free...woo hoo. That just means I'll have more money to spend on $5.00 Budweisers (or upgrade to Redhook for $6.00). Up until a few months ago, I was ardently opposed to sports. I felt (still do, I guess) that there is no way to reconcile artisticness with athleticism. That's probably rooted in my high school experience, where the jocks were popular and the punks (or whatever we were) were maligned. I have a hard time taking seriously a song sung by a basketball player. I suppose it's unfair of me to characterize people who play sports as unfeeling meatheads, more concerned with the 3 basic food groups (beer, football, & date rape) than any real emotional output....but some of these folk make such easy targets! So here's my quandry: recently I attended a Mariners game @ Safeco Field (which I voted against, and they went and built the fucker anyway), and since then, I've sorta started following the games. Methinks that I'm gonna have to renounce my Card-Carrying Indie-Rawk status...banned from the Cha Cha for life (so sad). I can do without any further examples of music & sport doin' the nasty and producing misborn offspring such as Hootie & The Blowfish, or Shaq, Deion Sanders, and Ken Griffey, Jr. trying to rap, or Master P playing basketball (a surefire way to make anyone say "UNNNGH"). Funny enough, I'm going to the game with my friend Chris, who while serving a 5-year "sentence" in the US Marine Corps, used his time to plaster the barracks with anti-government propaganda...not someone I'd expect to want to participate in a viewing of the "All-American Game."

And besides...Edgar's a pimp.

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