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I've been reading Everybody Loves Our Town in dribs and drabs as I go to sleep, or in the bathroom.

I just got on FB and it threw Jonathan Poneman at the top of the 'People You May Know' box. We have 48 friends (out of his 3200 or thereabouts) in common. 

Nope, I don't know him.

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It would seem that I have no capacity for snark. I can't stand to read the comments on articles on Slog, or Line Out, or the P-I's site, or on [livejournal.com profile] seattle even.

What I hate is a) people making inflammatory comments anonymously, and b) people, who's positions I might actually support, making their point in such a ham-fisted way as to alienate anyone they might persuade, including me.

If you post something inflammatory or accusatory, I think you should have the cajones to sign your name (or in these cases, add a valid email address) to it. Take ownership of your statements. Do not be a little bitch who flings poo and then hides. And please do not allow conversations to immediately dissolve into "You suck!...no you suck!"

If I was one of those people who got off on debating, playing the devil's advocate, or was a political gadfly, maybe I'd feel different. I can't say for sure, because I am none of these things. Maybe someone can enlighten me on the appeal of this. 

OK, I'm going to go look at [livejournal.com profile] baaaaabyanimals now.

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I'm using the Opera browser for the first time...got the free version...the ad banner isn't too annoying. The IE-specific HTML I have on my journal dosen't work, but that's not too awful, I suppose.

I just like not using a Microsoft product. Now I just need to get my box running on a *NIX system and I feel even better. I think.

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