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I'm watching the news from Cedar Rapids online. They're getting shat upon by the weather right now - tornadoes, flash floods, the works. Where are the locusts?

My former employer's call center and warehouse is in Cedar Rapids, and I know several of the people who work there, and it is a little distressing. They're having to deal with curfews and mandatory evacuations there. Had I decided to keep my job and relocate there, I'd be getting to deal with this too. (There was a snowball's chance of me ever moving to Iowa, but still.)
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Everything else is more interesting than my work right now.

Like this:

And this:

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Soy milk on my corn flakes.

Soy latte.

Soy protein drink at lunch.

Yo soy full of soy today.

Also full of cheap puns. But there's nothing new about that.

Work is stressful today. But I'm totally rocking out to Silkworm's cover of the Fleetwood Mac nugget "The Chain". And that's alright.
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I don't have the wherewithal to go through a weeks+ of friends page, apparently. The Seattle Library System has taken a dirt nap for the time being (those $2,000,000 budget cuts'll do that), so the computers there are off limits until the 26th. That means no LJ for me, pretty much. So to catch those of you interested up:

1) I'm working, if only temporarily, at the bane of my existence from 1996-2000, Nordstrom.com (now known as Nordstrom Direct). I'm back at the bottom rung of the corporate ladder, a lowly phone jockey. Within about two hours of my initial arrival back on the job, I was already shmoozing the managers of other departments and firing off resumes to other parts of the company. But fuck, it's a job. Jobs are good. Income is good. We like income.

2) My band's CD is done and is in the process of being reproduced. It will be keen to have product on the market again. Our upcoming show at the Graceland ("The Nightmare Before Christmas" it's called) got a "star" in the Stranger show listings - probably not because of us, but whatever. I hope that that will prompt more people to come out on a Monday night - like you, perhaps?

3) I turned 26 years old yesterday. Thanks to all y'all who gave me a shout out.

And that's about all for now. Carry on.
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So I played at the EMP last night. I gotta say, that's a pretty swell place to play, even if the stage is postage stamp sized. We got free food, three drink tickets (instead of the usual two), and a parking pass. The sound there was fantastic. All five of us could actually hear everything. Goodness. I think we played a pretty good set to boot.

I have an interview/test thingy next Monday for King County Metro. It sounds like it's going to be math intensive. Grrrrreaaaat. Thibbbt. They're going to test me on how fast I can 10-key. Gonna have to exercise to get my keying skills back up to snuff. And learn how to do bank deposits. I sorta embellished that little bit on my application.

The apartment is coming together. There's still crap everywhere, but it's beginning to look presentable. I even had guests over last night - well, guests meaning my bassist, drummer, and drummer's girlfriend. I can't find my world map, and it needs to go up on my wall. I'm debating putting up a lot of the stuff that I had on the walls of my old place - band posters and whatnot. New place, new wall hangings, new attitude. Or something.

Wacky day

Mar. 25th, 2002 07:29 pm
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Went up to Bauhaus to write the letters I've been needing to write for awhile. Ran into my former fellow Nordbot Bryley, and brought her up to date on the goings-on in my life. A little later, I saw another person I used to work with at nordstrom.com.

It started getting windy, so I went inside and went upstairs. I brushed by this kinda hippie looking girl sitting at a side table. I put my things down and looked over. It was my niece. Well, stepniece, technically, but whatever. My sister married her dad 10 years ago, so she's my niece. Anyway, I knew that she had moved from Tacoma to Capitol Hill and was going to high school somewhere around here. Lo and behold, I got to ask her all about it.

We hung out there for a good long while. I got to hear about school, music, her life in Seattle, and her plans for the future. I never really got to hang out with my siblings or cousins when I was her age, and it seemed like she opened up to me, at least a little. That was a really good feeling. Plus, I introduced her to some of the Bauhaus employees. Just trying to get my family the free coffee hookup, ya know?

Anyway, I drank too much of said coffee, and so now I'll probably be awake all night.

I'ma go eat me some stuffin'.

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